Kure – Optimize processes with an AI-powered project management platform




Business overview

What is Kure ?

Kure is a project management app that uses AI to create customized process optimization paths, helping your team work more efficiently and reduce errors.


Kure scans your data for problematic patterns and displays findings in a dynamic run diagram, whether you enter data directly or upload spreadsheets.


  • Optimize processes on an AI-driven platform that delivers step-by-step guidance and connects you with live experts
  • Alternative to: Monday.com
  • Map out processes with tools like fishbone and run diagrams, plus automatically generate reports to show ROI
  • Best for: Project managers and quality improvement consultants who want to boost productivity through optimized processes


  • Project builder
  • Quick win project
  • AI guidance
  • Data entry
  • Baseline charts
  • Pattern detection
  • Project timelines
  • Assign task
  • Send reminders
  • Status updates and notifications
  • Unlimited projects
  • Quick wins
  • Root cause exploration
  • AI-powered project support (patent pending)


Kure also generates a timeline that displays due dates and individual assignments for each task, which you can use to initiate deadline reminders via email.


This deal provides lifetime access 500 MB per user storage limit for $59 only

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

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Traffic: 75 /M

Revenue($): 35/M

Moz DA: 24

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