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Kommunity is a social event platform where you can grow your community, organize events, and communicate with members in one place.

Get started building a seamless registration workflow when you create an event page with the click of a button.You can even sell several different types of tickets inside Kommunity while gathering all the data, analytics, and payment information for more informed future events.

With the Kommunity mobile app, you can also use push notifications to update your members every time you create a new event.

Kommunity gives you all the tools you need to build online communities, communicate with your members, and even organize events without ever leaving the platform.


  • Start, grow, and manage your online community with multiple communication options like direct messages and email digests
  • Alternative to: Meetup.com, Facebook, and Eventbrite
  • Organize events all the way from registration and tickets to broadcasting live
  • Best for: Community builders, small event agencies, and enterprise companies looking to create and manage events smoothly


  • 3 Kommunities
  • Unlimited members
  • Branded and customized community page
  • Import your group from Meetup
  • Unlimited online and offline events
  • Unlimited RSVPs or free tickets
  • Customized registration forms and answer exports
  • Built-in multipurpose forms (Q&As, questionnaires, and surveys)
  • Emails to your members and attendees
  • Built-in call for papers creation and management
  • Event videos, photos, and slides uploaded
  • Ticketing with multiple ticket types and discount codes
  • Zoom integration
  • Advanced mailing with audience segmentation


Get lifetime access for Kommunity just at $49 only.

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