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Business overview

You can use it to search for things like logos, graphics, or photos in JPEG or PNG formats.

KleptoFinder will display the location of where it was published, where it may have been uploaded, and possibly all platforms that have been using your visual content.

Why Kleptofinder?

Kleptofinder provides a detailed report on which platform and website have used your content and even selects the mentioned website to investigate how they have used your digital property.

Intellectual property belongs to you – there’s no dispute of that. It’s important to make sure no one else is earning money from your hard work. In only few clicks, you can report the copyright infringement and Kleptofinder team will make sure it’s removed from the infringing account.

If your pictures are being used by successful businesses that earn constant pay from it, Kelptofinder is here to help claim your cut. You should not be afraid to dispute your copyright infringement for money. It’s your right. And our legal team works on the principle of “no fee unless we win”. So you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

Kleptofinder has already successfully found thousands of illegally copied pictures. Hundreds of authors have received compensations for unfair use of their work. Hundreds more cases are being investigated right now and compensations are on the way.


  • Ability to investigate both images and NFTs
  • Generate a report for stolen images
  • Link Kleptofinder with your Instagram account
  • Add your own website, or any online profile (Blog,Twitter, Pinterest, NFT Collection) to scan images
  • Select the number of website images you want to scan
  • Ability to choose the number of latest Instagram images you would like to scan
  • Check websites that used your visual content
  • Report any website for copyright infringement
  • Scan up to 5000 images per Month


This deal gives lifetime access for KleptoFinder just at $49 only.

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