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What is Keyframe Audio?

  • With Final Cut Pro, you can use keyframes to create simple changes to audio over time, such as fading the volume or an effect in or out in the middle of a clip.
  • You place keyframes at specific points in a clip to change the parameter value of an audio enhancement or effect at those points. For example, you can keyframe specific points for volume or for an effect such as reverb or distortion.
  • You can set keyframes to adjust a clip’s volume directly in the timeline or the Audio inspector. To see keyframes in the timeline for all other effects, you need to display the Audio Animation editor.
  • For information about using keyframes with video clips, see Add video effect keyframes in Final Cut Pro.
  • You can also manipulate multiple keyframes simultaneously. This works the same way for audio keyframes as it does for video keyframes. See Modify groups of keyframes in Final Cut Pro.
  • To copy specific keyframes between different attributes or between different clips, see Copy and paste keyframes in Final Cut Pro.


  • Monetize royalty-free tracks and sound effects with 100% copyright claim protection.
  • Finding the perfect track to create that perfect YouTube vlog sounds a little too good to be true.
  • Too bad you’re stuck using the same ol’ music and SFX in your content just to avoid getting demonetized out of the blue.
  • Keyframe Audio is a music licensing service that lets you monetize royalty-free music and sound effects on any platform.
  • you can access ovBest of all, this music licensing service protects your content from copyright claims—so you’ll never get demonetized!
  • You can access over100,000 royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for your digital content.
  • Access over 100,000 royalty-free tracks and SFX without worrying about copyright claims!
  • Their massive SFX catalog is packed with over 50,000 sound effects, including laser sounds, crackling fires, and foley.
  • Keyframe Audio offers a universal-sync license, you’ll be able to monetize everything totally stress-free.
  • The SFX catalog is loaded with over 50,000 sound effects, like lasers and’ll be able to discover over 50,000 music tracks spanning every genre and vibe.
  • Keyframe Audio also offers a variety of expertly-curated playlists.
  • Find the best music for your digital content with expertly-curated playlists.
  • Keyframe Audio is how easy it is to manage your own copyright claims with the clearance dashboard.
  • Simply enter that URL into your account to automatically remove the copyright claim.


  • Access more than 100,000 premium, royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for videos, podcasts, and more
  • Get a universal-sync license that protects your digital content from copyright claims across platforms
  • Best for Freelancers, Podcasters and Videographers
  • Alternative to Artlist and Epidemic Sound


This deal provides lifetime access to Use in an unlimited number of projects for you and your clients for $59only

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