Isla – Send and receive structured requests without the hassle 



Isla - Send and receive structured requests without the hassle


Business overview

What is Isla?

  • The Isla tool helps to send and receive structured requests without the hassle of back-and-forth messages and interruptions.
  • This software can efficiently manage requests by encapsulating and organizing information into a standardized format.
  • This allows for a more efficient process, as well as a more reliable outcome.
  • Isla is your hub to send and receive structured requests, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth messages, interruptions, and context-switching at the workplace.


Isla is your hub to send and receive structured requests.

🔕 Isla collects requests in the background for you. Email, text, or embed your Isla to your website – and let clients or team members send comprehensive requests without interrupting you.

🏆 Easily build forms to ensure requests from clients and teals come actionable and context-rich.

📌 All requests you send and receive are centralized in one place, with automated and customizable daily digests. You can easily integrate request forms into your favorite task management tool and calendars.


  • Hub to send & receive structured requests
  • Manage requests from a single place
  • Best for Customer support,Freelancers and Web design agencies
  • Alternative to Productboard,Slack and Zendesk


  • Access to all Isla templates
  • Custom privacy settings for request types
  • Custom username
  • Custom branding
  • Custom notifications and digests
  • Email and chat support within 12 hours


This deal provides lifetime access for Unlimited public announcements for $19only

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