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Business overview

What is Intro?

Intro is a marketing automation platform that helps you to automate your scheduling processes from booking and billing to customer inquiries. It allows you to keep things organized and compliant, ensuring that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Additionally, Intro can help with the occasional slip-up by confirming cancellations and keeping track of time spent on each appointment.


Intro is a scheduling management system that automates booking and billing when you sell consulting services online. During the booking process, Intro will automatically cross-check your calendars for availability and generate a customized quote based on what’s available on each date. You’ll then receive an email notification confirming the reservation and specifying the scheduled time/date. If there are any changes to your calendar after you’ve confirmed the reservation, Intro will help you manage those changes by alerting you via email and updating the confirmation schedule accordingly.


  • Centralize your business information, set your working hours, and sync your calendars to automate scheduling
  • Send automated appointment reminders and meeting links, and handle payments conveniently via Stripe
  • Best for Educators, Marketers and Solopreneurs
  • Alternative to Burner Mail, Calendly and The Events Calendar


  • Skins for individual page
  • Collect reviews from client to your personal page after the meeting
  • Manage and hide reviews after collection
  • Create automated workflows (customize email notifications and reminders)
  • Add booking widget to your website
  • Customize booking link and colors when you add widget to your website
  • Automated event notifications
  • Track with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  • Track Google Analytics goals
  • Connect WhatsApp business reminders
  • Use Intro SMS and/or bring your own SMS provider
  • Multilink for social media: page branding, theme customization, messenger buttons, and more
  • Payment collections integration: Stripe, and all future integrations
  • Social media integrations: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and all future integrations


This deal provides lifetime access to 100 WhatsApp notifications + SMS credits per month US/CA for $29 only

 Intro Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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