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Business overview

Instantly is an AI-powered cold email campaign management platform that boosts deliverability and response through automated account warmup and smart sending features.

You’ll be able to send emails from any provider, then manage each account from one simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Instantly lets you gradually scale the number of emails you send from each address to warm up your accounts and boost deliverability, so you land in inboxes, not junk folders.

You can tailor settings to your campaign needs—for example, automating the delivery limit and using multiple email sending accounts for a single campaign to automate daily sending increases.

Instantly AI automates every step of your campaign-building process, from personalizing messages with dynamic tags to scheduling a smart sending sequence.

Upload your lead lists and Instantly will populate your emails using a dynamic message template that includes unique information for each prospect, like name, company, and title.


  • Optimize deliverability for your B2B outreach campaigns with unlimited sending accounts and email warm-up functionality
  • Alternative to: Lemlist
  • Maximize open and reply rates with dynamic personalization tags, plus run smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups
  • Best for: B2B sales leaders, agencies, and freelancers looking for an all-in-one tool to scale cold outreach success


  • Email customization
  • Automated sequences
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Email and account analytics
  • Email bounce detection
  • Smart sending and follow-ups
  • Email rewriting


This deal gives lifetime for 20,000 emails (monthly) and 5,000 active leads just at $59 only.

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

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