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Use InPrivy to share passwords and other sensitive information the secure way. Generate a secure link that will be voided once opened by the recipient (more options available). Set expiration dates and keep track on when your shared secrets are opened or voided. Categorize your shared secrets in folders.

Securely share sensitive information

Sharing private notes, passwords or other sensitive information should be done in a safe and easy way. When sending them via email or messengers, your data remains visible and accessible for a long time. Start sharing the secure way, with InPrivy.

Simple by design

No over-thinking. No fancy gimmicks. Just a simple and easy to understand way for you to create and share your confidential data with other people in your network or around the world.

Secure and private

Only you know the link to your created secret. Share it with the individual who should receive the confidential information. All links are secured with SSL and are by default only accessible once.

GDPR compliant

Since we’re based in the EU, we know the deal. So we’ve built our software with the intent to be GDPR compliant, and we take the privacy of all our website visitors and customers very seriously.


  • Unlimited Secrets and Folders
  • File Attachments
  • Custom Design
  • Own Domain
  • Own Public Sharing URL
  • Password Protected Links
  • Notifications
  • Custom Translations / Custom Texts
  • 60 Day History Log
  • Team Management
  • Strong AES-256 Encryption


This deal provides lifetime access for Inprivy was $35 only.

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Price: $35

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