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Business overview

Ideta is a AI-powered tool that lets you build dynamic chat and call bots to reduce your workload and gain leads, without needing to code. You can make a chat or call bot that interacts with customers on your webpage, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and more.

With the help of AI, you can make improvements to your chatbot. That way, customers feel like they’re interacting with a human, not a robot. Add and update training phrases, intents, and entities to improve your chatbot’s conversation skills over time.

You can integrate your bot with your workplace tools to automate tasks like collecting customer information and scheduling appointments.From there, the bot can push info to your agents, CRM, and Google Sheets, and even send emails.


  • Build and train smart chat bots that interact with your customers and automate tasks
  • Alternative to: Intercom and Crisp
  • Integrate your bot with your workplace tools to automate tasks and push data
  • Best for: Support teams and marketers that want to get more leads while also reducing their workload


  • Stripe and Zapier integrations
  • API (send and receive data)
  • Email notifications
  • NLP
  • Human handover
  • Analytics


This deal gives lifetime access for Ideta starts at $69 for 25,000 sessions per month,3 human takeover seats

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Price: $69

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