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Business overview

HuddleIQ is a comprehensive digital whiteboard that gives you all the tools you need to meet, present, and collaborate productively online.

HuddleIQ helps you visualize your ideas with a versatile digital whiteboard that can be shared with your team

Get instant feedback from your audience using comments, polls, and the chat function, so you know how your meetings and presentations are landing

you can share documents, slides, and make live annotations, all while keeping your team members engaged with access to the presentation notes.

HuddleIQ offers hundreds of customizable templates for brainstorming, education, planning, and more.

HuddleIQ also gives you control and flexibility by letting you create private or shared projects right from your dashboard.


  • Brainstorm and visualize ideas on a collaborative online whiteboard with built-in video conferencing
  • Alternative to: Miro and Mural
  • Organize projects and track progress with automated task management tools
  • Best for: Remote teams and educators that want to improve project organization, collaboration, and presentations


Unleashed Brainstorming

Collectively capture and organize a rapid-fire exchange of ideas into an infinite and immersive collaborative online whiteboard. Bring teams together with engaging concept maps that facilitate team interaction or organize inspirational images using our intuitive moodboard feature to optimize and encourage the creative process.

Strategic Planning

Ideate until maturity and use decision matrices and other concept mapping tools to make impactful strategic decisions instead of uninformed ones. Treat your online whiteboard as a living document,new information upon request or add visuals. Having a complementary visual, chart, or image to supplement text provides essential clarity for teams, departments, and external collaborators, regardless of their role in project development.

Design Thinking

Join world-renowned companies and industry visionaries by incorporating the process of design thinking to iterate, challenge, and redefine issues. Our online whiteboard will help you find alternative solutions that may not be immediately apparent, by facilitating purposeful and impactful collaboration that leads to a solution-based team approach.

Task Management

Leverage the power of our inbuilt task management system to use Kanban or hundreds of other templates to organize ideas into tasks, and then closely track them until completion. Enhance visual representation of complex ideas with charts and graphics, and establish an organizational hierarchy from the outset.

Presentations and Education

Forget about your organizational reliance on PowerPoint. Present your ideas, run workshops or classroom sessions, and collaborate with dynamism, using a purposeful blend of engaging visuals to pique curiosity and entertain your audience. The powerful online whiteboard from HuddleIQ turns boring into memorable.

Meetings and Workshops

Take video conferencing to a new level by enabling thoughts to be transformed and presented visually with an online whiteboard, thereby encouraging spontaneity and interactivity from an increasingly hybrid workforce.


This deal provides lifetime access for 5 members and Unlimited boards was starts at $79

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Satus: Active

Price: $79

Business KPI

Founded: 2016


Traffic: 14 /M

Revenue($): 6/M

Moz DA: 25

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