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Business overview

Holaspirit is an organizational platform that helps scale your business with clarity and transparency, so you build and grow self-managed teams.

Everyone can easily see who does what, what’s expected of them, and what processes are in place, so the team can spend their time working instead of figuring out how things work.

The visual org chart helps you understand how all the teams relate, so you can find unique opportunities for collaboration.

You’ll be able to create proposals in a matter of seconds, monitor progress, and keep track of decisions.The project feature makes team collaboration a breeze and gives everyone an easy overview of ongoing projects.

Holaspirit helps you add clarity and transparency to all levels of your organization, so you can work together seamlessly and quickly make decisions as a team.


  • Improve transparency by giving a clear view of how your organization works and assigning roles to each employee
  • Alternative to: GlassFrog
  • Use the platform’s native Kanban board to keep track of project progress and create checklists for recurring tasks
  • Best for: CEOs, HR leads, and entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving, collaborative workplace without team silos


  • Dynamic org chart
  • Circles and role management
  • Structure evolution and history
  • Native integrations
  • Choice of 10 languages
  • Knowledge base


This deal gives lifetime access for holaspirit was starts from $79 with 10 users

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