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What is Heybase?

Heybase is the Digital Sales Room Software that provides collaborative shared spaces where sellers can create personalized buyer experiences and communicate with potential buyers at a single digital location. Sellers can Embed personalized sales collateral with Drag & Drop Editor, collaborate with buyers, and Analyze buyer engagement with Heybase.


  • Heybase lets you build virtual sales rooms with interactive features like videos and calendar links, so you can close more deals fast.
  • Take your pick from over a dozen embed blocks and integrate contracts, calendars, proposals, payment links, and more.
  • You’ll even be able to share proposal microsites, virtual deal rooms, and smart sales decks that actually close.
  • You can easily add elements like proposals, calendars, and payment links to your sales room.
  • You’ll be able keep tabs on user activity from the main dashboard, including new opens, comments, or actions.
  • Monitor any activity in your virtual sales room from the main dashboard.Your prospects can ask questions and leave comments directly in the sales room.
  • Heybase also lets you add multiple team members to a sales room, so there’s always someone available to move the sale forward.
  • Heybase will notify you of new comments and questions within the platform and via email.
  • You’ll be able to see real-time stats like activity timestamps, comments, and time spent in the room.
  • Heybase also generates predictive insights to gauge which prospects are likely to close and which ones need more attention.
  • Keep tabs on recent activity in any of your ongoing sales using the activity log.


  • Build virtual sales rooms, complete with contracts, videos, payment links, and more using the drag-and-drop editor
  • Track engagement metrics, like opens and comments, and get email notifications about new activity from prospects
  • Best forMarketing agencies,SaaS and Sales managers
  • Alternative to Lucidspark,Asana,Wrike,Adobe Workfront,Smartsheet,Ziflow,DealHub and GetAccept


  • Drag-and-drop room builder
  • Embed anything
  • Collaboration
  • Invite external collaborators
  • Magic link login
  • Zoom and Calendly integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Video narration


This deal provides lifetime access for 50 active rooms for $69only

Heybase Lifetime deal pricing plans

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