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Business overview

Spending precious hours on manual tasks like data entry, finding prospects, researching contact details, and auditing websites isn’t exactly a great use of your workweek.

Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation platform that lets you extract data from websites via scraping recipes and leverage readymade automations that easily scale tasks.


  • Use point-and-click functionality on a no-code, cloud-based work automation platform
  • Alternative to: Webscraper.io and Apify
  • Tap into 40+ ready-made automations and turn any website’s data into a spreadsheet or JSON format
  • Best for: Sales and marketing teams looking to automate time-consuming tasks related to internet research

Hexomatic works 24/7 from the cloud, no complex software or coding required.


Harness the internet as your own data source

Hexomatic makes it easy to scrape products, directories, prospects and listings at scale with a simple point and click experience. No coding required.

Ready made automations to perform tasks on autopilot

Find new prospects for any industry, discover email or social media profiles, translate content, enrich your leads with tech stack data, get traffic estimates at scale and more.

Hexomatic features 40+ ready made automations you can deploy in minutes.

You are just one workflow away from saving 100+ hours a month

Combine your own scraping recipes and our ready made automations to create powerful workflows you can run on autopilot.

  • Scrape and analyze listings from any website
  • Find 100’s of prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps
  • Monitor Amazon sellers for specific products
  • Supercharge your SEO backlinks outreach
  • Create screenshots in bulk for any device size
  • Perform SEO analysis at scale
  • Convert images at scale
  • Translate ad creatives or products at scale

Hexomatic makes the internet your own data source, letting you leverage readymade automations and a crowdsourced team of human assistants to delegate and scale tasks.


Save time and start automating your daily tasks by access to Hexomatic with price $98.

Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to Hexomatic
  • All future Silver (1 code) or Gold (2+ codes) Plan updates
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • Note: each code stacked beyond code 2 adds 5,000 automation credits per month
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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Price: $98

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