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Business overview

You need to safeguard your work and revenue stream from piracy and copyright infringement, but don’t have the time or legal expertise to resolve issues on your own.

It’s time for an anti-piracy platform that scans the internet for you, processes takedown requests for infringement, and removes offending URLs from search results.

Harvel is a copyright protection tool that automatically scans the web for pirated content and sends expert-verified DMCA takedown requests to site hosts and search engines.

Harvel works with Google and other search engines to de-index the sites with pirated content, ensuring they’ll never appear in search results.

If you ever have questions about using Harvel, you can find answers in the detailed Help Center library, or even chat directly with a team member for further support.Creators like course instructors and plug-in developers have boosted sales because customers must purchase directly from them, instead of finding the work for free.


  • Detect piracy with automatic web crawls and use DMCA takedown requests to protect your content
  • Alternative to: DMCA.pro and Rulta
  • Receive in-depth weekly updates on infringements, takedowns, and search de-indexing
  • Best for: Artists, software developers, and instructors looking to protect their original content on the digital market

Plans and Features

  • Manual requests
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Google takedowns
  • Note: This deal does not include Hosting Site Removal
  • Note: Contents are defined as the products you sell—1 of the items listed below = 1 content
  • Note: Content can be a course, a digital item, subscription, or any other type of paid content


Get lifetime access for 2 contents at just $59

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Price: $59

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