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Business overview

What is Happy Scribe?

  • State of the art A.I. working side by side with the best language professionals.
  • Interactive editors, endless possibilities Made for transcribers and subtitlers, our interactive editors will ease the way you interact with your transcripts and subtitles.
  • Collaborate with all your stakeholders by sharing your transcripts and subtitles in view-only or edit mode — no matter where they are in the world.
  • We’re on a mission to solve speech to text technology by building a multilingual and frictionless platform for transcription and subtitles through our machine-generated and human-made transcription & subtitling offering.
  • Easily transcribe audio or video. Generate notes for your meetings. online transcript. Transcribe recording to text.
  • Accurate audio to text or video to text transcription.


  • Happy Scribe uses powerful speech-to-text technology to automatically generate accurate transcripts and subtitles in minutes.
  • Transcribing interviews, webinars, and panels is an awesome way to repurpose content, and subtitles help you capture a broader audience by making your content more accessible.
  • Happy Scribe uses innovative voice-recognition technology to turn your audio recordings into transcripts and add subtitles to your videos.
  • You’ll get searchable text that helps improve your rankings.Use the simple, easy-to-use Interactive Editor to review and edit your transcripts.
  • Quickly search your document to find the content you need to add to your blog posts or white papers and generate quotes from customer testimonials.
  • Happy Scribe automatically creates the subtitles—you can review and edit them!
  • The Natural Subtitle Engine creates subtitles that are accurate and readabl Personalize the color, font, and style of your subtitles,With support for over 120 languages and accents.
  • Happy Scribe can also accurately transcribe and subtitle accents within the English language, from an Irish brogue to a Texas drawl, y’all.
  • Download your final product with accurate and clear subtitles.
  • Transcribing your audio projects and adding subtitles to videos can boost your brand by improving accessibility, supporting SEO ranking, and so much more.


  • Automate audio transcriptions with the best speech-to-text technologies
  • Generate editable subtitles to expand your video reach and get more views
  • Best for Content creators,Course creators and YouTubers
  • Alternative to Descript,Otter.ai,Rev SonixFathom,Trint,Dragon Speech Recognition Software, and Grain


  • Automatic transcription
  • Advanced punctuation
  • Speaker identification
  • Proofreading helper
  • Highlight and comment
  • Sharing links
  • Timecode management
  • Embed transcript player
  • Personalized vocabulary
  • Transcribe 119+ languages
  • Interactive subtitling editor
  • Visual timeline and soundwave
  • Control characters per second
  • Customize and burn subtitles
  • Machine translation (9 languages)
  • Manage caption settings
  • Integrations and API


This deal provide lifetime access to 2 hours transcription and subtitling per month for $69only

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $69

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Country:United States

Traffic: 381.6K /M

Revenue($): 181.3K/M

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