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What is Grab Your Reviews?

  • Grab Your Reviews lets you collect and showcase reviews from multiple sites to boost your SERP rankings and improve your brand reputation.
  • With Grab Your Reviews, you can gather and manage feedback from multiple review sites on one easy-to-use platform.
  • Grab Your Reviews is a reputation management software designed to help businesses collect, handle, and share clients’ reviews across corporate websites and social media platforms.
  • Managers can respond to reviews using the command center, receive alerts about new feedback, and automatically generate reports to analyze trends and performance metrics.


  • Stand out for your potential customers with our easy to use review management software. Receive and stream customer reviews all on one platform at Grab Your Review.
  • Grab Your Reviews lets businesses set up multiple user accounts for staff members and utilize templates to create custom emails or messages.
  • It offers an API, which helps organizations integrate the software with several third-party point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and other systems.
  • Grab Your Reviews allows administrators to set up customizable dashboards and configure access permissions for team members, enabling them to collaborate on review collection processes.
  • Sales professionals can create campaigns to request reviews from clients via text, email, or MMS messages and manage brand reputation across local, national, and global platforms.
  • Agencies can use the white-labeling capability to customize the software according to organizational requirements and edit reviews before sharing them across several websites and channels.
  • It also helps businesses upload customer information in CSV or Excel format, send follow-up reminders to clients, and use various widgets to generate reviews from email signatures.


  • Collect and display feedback from multiple top review platforms on your website or social media profiles
  • Set up email and SMS funnels to request reviews from customers directly and get more feedback for your business
  • Alternative to BirdEye,Gradeus and Nicejob
  • Best for Small businesses,Solopreneurs and Web design agencies


  • API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Communication Management
  • Complaint Monitoring

Best For

We cover industries including auto, healthcare, home and professional services, hospitality, realtors, wellness, transport, digital marketers, web agencies, SEO companies & more.


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