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What is Google Maps Widget?

  • The Google Maps Platform Quick Start Widget is a safe, secure way to set up your account with Google (if you haven’t already) and get an API key for use with Google Maps Platform plugins on third-party platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more.
  • Widgets are making a big comeback with Android 12, and so far, we’re really liking what we’ve seen.
  • Whether it’s playback controls for YouTube Music, links to your favorite websites in Chrome, or clocks designed to perfectly match Material You, it’s exciting to see home screen controls make a comeback.
  • It’s looking like Google Maps might be next, offering shortcuts to nearby stores and your most visited locations.


Every WordPress site needs a map, and creating a fast-loading, great-looking map can be more challenging and time-consuming than it looks. Google Maps Widget enables you to create the perfect map for any site in minutes.


  • A no-nonsense maps plugin that saves your time & money
  • Have a map on your site two minutes after you install the plugin
  • Best for Small businesses,Solopreneurs and Web designers
  • Alternatives to Hero Maps Premium,Image Map Pro Plugin and Interactive World Maps


  • Lifetime license for 3 sites
  • Lifetime email support
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited maps
  • Unlimited pins
  • 14 predefined map styles


This deal provides lifetime access for 19 lightbox skins for $0only

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