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Business overview

What is Fraud Blocker?

The Fraud Blocker software is designed to help websites detect malicious activities by bots, publishers, and competitors.The software provides users with a range of features such as automatic IP blocking, fraud scoring, one-click subscription management, customizable detection rules, and more.

Fraud Blocker is a leading click fraud protection software for marketing professionals that uses proprietary, advanced algorithms to detect malicious practices by publishers and automatically block bad traffic sources. Fraud Blocker is proudly based in the United States and has been successfully saving clients money and improving their lead quality since 2019.


Click fraud protection software that helps advertisers improve their ad performance by blocking malicious ad clicks and views. The software offers features such as proprietary fraud scoring, automatic IP blocking, customizable detection rules, one-click subscription management, easy team management and many more.


  • Prevent fraudulent clicks from bots, competitors, and click farms from draining your ad spend on Google Ads
  • Calculate your Fraud Score to identify and automatically block fraudulent IP addresses
  • Best for Marketers, Marketing agencies and SaaS
  • Alternative to ClickCease, TrafficGuard , FUGU, Persona, AdProtect and ClickGuard


  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated Google Ads blocking
  • Fraud traffic scoring
  • Device detection
  • VPN and proxy blocking
  • Customizable blocking rules
  • User management controls
  • Export IPs to CSV and XLS formats
  • Email reports
  • Network-level blocking

Best For

PPC Advertisers and Marketers


This deal provides lifetime access to 4,000 total ad clicks per month (across all domains) for $49 only

 Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal Pricing plans

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Satus: Active

Price: $49

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Country:United States

Traffic: 7 /M

Revenue($): 38 /M

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