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What is Focusmate?

Focusmate connects individuals with accountability partners for virtual coworking sessions to improve productivity. With a global community from 150+ countries, users can choose from 25, 50, and 75-minute sessions to suit their work needs.

The platform offers features like Favorites for choosing preferred partners and native video for an easy session booking and joining.


Introducing Focusmate, the online coworking platform that helps you overcome distractions and boost productivity. Connect with like-minded individuals, stay accountable, and achieve your goals in a supportive global community. With flexible session lengths and native video functionality, Focusmate simplifies the process of booking and joining sessions.


  • Virtual coworking for getting anything done
  • Focusmate is for anyone who wants to get things done
  • Best for Freelancers, Remote teams, and Solopreneurs


  • Access the private AppSumo Plus group to work with other Plus members on Focusmate
  • Get 3 free co-working sessions a week in the AppSumo Plus group


  • Google Calendar


  • Consumer
  • Coworking
  • Productivity Tools
  • Software

Pricing Plans

This deal provides access to Access the private AppSumo Plus group to work with other Plus members on Focusmate for $0 only

  • Plus members now can access the “AppSumo Plus” group in Focusmate to connect and co-work with other Plus members
  • (Note: this is a free Plus perk, not a lifetime deal)
 Focusmate Digital download pricing plans

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