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What is Flotiq ?

Flotiq is an API-first content management platform that makes managing, sharing, and reusing content simpler and faster than ever. So when you need to make big changes to your website or app, all that content sticks with you.


Flotiq helps you share important content within your organization, between teams, or across platforms, using an OpenAPI-first CMS.Create API keys that define API access within your organization, so you can allow or restrict user permissions in just a few clicks.Flotiq will automatically set up OpenAPI-compliant endpoints and create webhooks that integrate with platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Platform, and Postman.

Your IDE will be able to immediately consolidate all the code, which means no heavy lifting for your devs and content team.You’ll be able to create and publish complex forms that will automatically update if you redefine the content type.


  • Create content with Jamstack project templates and leverage shareable API docs, sandboxes, and SDKs
  • Alternative to: Contentful, Strapi, and Netlify
  • Use webhooks and OpenAPI-compliant endpoints to integrate your content with tons of tools like Zapier and Power Platform
  • Best for: Developers, creators, and web designers looking for a CMS to repurpose and integrate digital content with custom APIs


  • Royalty-free images
  • Image resizing and optimization
  • Relation builder
  • Built-in content versioning
  • Unlimited object types
  • Custom API
  • API publishing
  • API sandbox
  • Scoped API doc
  • Full-text search
  • Automatic SDK
  • Webhooks
  • Integrations (Zapier, Gatsby, Snipcart, Netlify, Postman)


This deal provides lifetime access 25,000 objects for $ 69 only

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Satus: Active

Price: $69

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Country:US:United States

Traffic: 30 /M

Revenue($): 14/M

Moz DA: 27

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