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Business overview

Flash Lead Pro is a CRM solution that streamlines internal communication, automates marketing messages, and supports omnichannel conversations to help close more deals.

Schedule calls with prospects right from the Flash Lead Pro interface, complete with automatic push reminders before every meeting.Every action from your team is documented, keeping you one step ahead of client feedback, while daily data analysis reports help guide your strategy.

Flash Lead Pro also gives you the tools to run smarter SMS campaigns with customizable, automated messages. The tool integrates with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, highlighting the icon for each platform so you always know which tool you’re chatting in.


  • Get real-time monitoring for every step of your pipeline, plus optimize SMS and email marketing with custom automated messages
  • Alternative to: Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Use omnichannel communication to message leads across Facebook and Instagram from a single chat window
  • Best for: Sales and marketing managers that want an all-in-one platform for lead tracking and automated client communication

Plans and Features

  • Advanced CRM
  • Automatic import of leads from Facebook, Google Forms, Excel, and websites
  • Easy access from app and website
  • Automatic registration of call logs (Android)


Get lifetime access for 4 users just $69 only

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Price: $69

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