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What is Feederloop?

Feederloop allows instant video calls on your website without any downloads or external software, making it ideal for businesses that need to conduct business with multiple people at once. Customer support, onboarding, and sales can all be accomplished with a feederloop, which enables a seamless and incredible near-in-person experience for anyone who visits your website or web app. Feederloop is a versatile chat integration solution that works seamlessly with all popular chat platforms and can also be used as a standalone widget on your website.


Utilizing Feederloop as a standalone widget on your website enables you to connect with all major chat platforms, including feederloop. Feederloop offers inbound and outbound video calls, co-browsing, and session replays that can be placed on any website as a widget. It has great analytics features as well. Feederloop offers real-time video chat, session replays, and co-browsing right on your website or app, making it a customer support tool that integrates these features.

With Feederloop integrations, conducting live video calls, session replays, and co-browsing on your site is a breeze. That means you can connect with customers in no time at all. Communicate with customers in real time through video chat, and observe their screen and web browsing behavior. Feederloop’s co-browsing feature is powerful, allowing you to click, scroll, and type directly into the customer’s browser.

By clicking, scrolling, and typing in their window, you can help customers navigate your site. By seeing your console errors in real life, your devs will not need to repeat the process of debugging numerous bugs in a lab setting. By using session replays to capture real user issues and console errors, fixes for bugs can be executed faster.


  • Reduce customer support sessions with video chat, screen sharing, and co-browsing integrated right on your website or app
  • Record customer video calls to create high-quality session replays that you can share with your dev team
  • Best for Customer support, Product managers and SaaS
  • Alternative to Upscope


  • Voice, video, and screen sharing
  • Co-browsing
  • Voice messages
  • Analytics
  • Session replay
  • User management and permissions


This deal provides lifetime Access to 25 conferencing hours per month for $49 only

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