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What is Empuls ?

Empuls is a holistic employee engagement platform where teams can collaborate, share appreciations, celebrate special occasions, and gather feedback – all in one place.With Empuls, your HR team can focus on strategizing rewards & recognitions and not get bogged down with operational complexities


Empuls lets your team stay up-to-date on office happenings, employee milestones, and group conversations with dashboards tailored for different roles.It also helps you incorporate peer-to-peer appreciation into your company culture to keep your employees motivated.you can encourage participation in employee engagement initiatives and company events.

Empuls lets you access feedback and metrics for every step in the employee life cycle, from onboarding to exit.you can segment recipients, questions, and answers based on survey metadata, like department, designation, and location.Employees can then redeem their points for gift cards, perks, and experiences from the growing catalog of over 20,000 rewards.


  • Use the social intranet to connect teams, celebrate milestones, and publish company-wide updates
  • Alternative to: Bonusly
  • Get real-time feedback with surveys and set up a point-based rewards system for every department using automated workflows
  • Best for: HR teams, managers, and CXOs that want to enhance company culture, boost engagement, and measure employee loyalty


  • White labeling
  • 50 employees
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee net promotor score (eNPS) surveys
  • Social intranet
  • Reports and analytics
  • Custom budget management
  • Custom catalog
  • Value badges
  • Awards: peer-to-peer, spot, performance-based, nomination-based, and long service


This deal provides lifetime access with Rewards and recognition for $ 79 only

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