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What is DMARC Report?

The DMARC validation process sees inbound mail servers generate DMARC reports. These come in two formats, which are both included within DMARC records and precede an email address to which the report needs to be sent.


DMARC Report protects email domains against fraud and helps improve compliance and deliverability with enterprise-level’s super easy to monitor email configurations for suspicious activity and stop non-compliant emails before they hit inboxes.You can safeguard outbound mail to protect your sender reputation, as well as leverage strong filtering policies for inbound emails.


Access human-friendly reporting tools to detect phishing, email spoofing, and domain forgery while improving deliverability

Design a white-label solution to monitor client domains with real-time alerts and an easy-to-use dashboard


  • Aggregate reports
  • Full aggregate and forensic reports
  • API and widget embeds
  • DMARC summary timeline reporting
  • Groups and teams
  • Subdomain and DKIM key auto-discovery
  • MTA-STS hosting
  • TLS-RPT reports
  • 90-day retention
  • Analyze email traffic
  • Customized alerting and reporting
  • Meet compliance standards
  • API provisions, management, and reporting on domains
  • Enforce DMARC policies
  • Deploy DMARC report


DMARC authentication helps domain owners prevent domain spoofing. It is necessary for all United States government agencies and contractors, while other countries have mandated its use by all public bodies and institutions.


This deal provides lifetime access 25 domains $69 only

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