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You know how web development projects always take 5x longer than expected? Well, Divjoy solves that!

Divjoy is a React codebase & UI generator that gives you everything you need for your next project, including authentication, data fetching, payments (powered by Stripe), billing management, marketing pages, forms, and more.

Just select your stack on the homepage, choose a template, and export a high-quality React codebase that you can keep building on. Everything just works.


  • React codebase and UI generator that will save you a month of development time
  • Gives you UI, auth, database, subscription payments, and more. Everything you need for a SaaS app.
  • Nocode editor for customizing your app before moving to code
  • Best for: Indie hackers, solo-founders, and freelancers. Anyone that wants to build and launch an idea quickly


  • React codebase & UI generator
  • Unlimited projects
  • Choose from Create React App, Next.js, and Gatsby
  • Pre-built SaaS templates
  • UI kits for Material UI, Tailwind, Bootstrap, and Bulma
  • Integrates with Firebase, Supabase, Auth0 and many other services
  • Stripe subscription payments
  • Serverless logic for hosting with Vercel or Netlify
  • Express.js logic for hosting anywhere else
  • Built-in no-code editor
  • Access to our private Discord community for support and discussion
  • Access to all future integrations and templates
  • Stack 2 codes: team plan with unlimited users


This deal gives lifetime access for Divjoy was $299 but now it is available at $129 only.

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Price: $129

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