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Business overview

Conversations between users and your company can improve your customer experience, sales, support, and AI teams—but only if you know how to mine them.

You need an easy way to analyze text data in emails, surveys, and online chats, so you can gain important insights to help grow your business.

What is Deep Talk?

Deep Talk allows you to transform your company’s text like chats, surveys, and emails into valuable data, so you can improve customer success, sales, and AI bots.

You’ll be able to track the most frequent topics with Sunburst Charts that show you root words and their most related terms, along with what percentage of users are saying them.

You can follow the most interesting topics for your company while also previewing text pieces containing the searched topic at a glance.

Plus, you’ll be able to bring in new customers through SEOby discovering common phrases, related terms, and frequent keywords that you can use in content like FAQs and blog posts.


  • Analyze text data from multiple sources using advanced AI models—without hiring a data science team
  • Transform chats, social posts, emails, surveys, and more into valuable data sets
  • Alternative to: MonkeyLearn, Chattermill, and Amazon Comprehend
  • Best for: Product owners and consumer service teams that want to analyze consumer data for improved customer satisfaction


  • Pre-trained Deep Learning models as a service
  • One Natural Language Processing platform for all your conversational data
  • Upload data or integrate with a support service
  • Integrates with Intercom and CSV files
  • Analyze text, chats, emails, surveys, and social networks
  • Discover topics in your customer’s conversations (easy visualization with all messages clustered)
  • Extract customer conversation topic hierarchies up to 3 levels and analyze your unstructured data
  • Follow topic evolution
  • Most frequent conversation clusters (rank the topics, time frame comparison, organize the topic members)
  • Full encryption


This deal gives lifetime access for Deep talk was $1020 but now it is just $69 only.

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