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What is DecisionRules ?

In decision theory, a decision rule is a function which maps an observation to an appropriate action. Decision rules play an important role in the theory of statistics and economics.and are closely related to the concept of a strategy in game theory.
Decision rule is an element (piece) of knowledge, usually in the form of “if-then statement”: if then . If its Condition is satisfied (i.e., matches a fact in the corresponding database of a given problem), then its Action (e.g., classification or decision making) is performed. Learn more in: Decision Making by a Multiple-Rule Classifier: The Role of Rule Qualities


Create rules, introduce variables, and input metadata for each table using the built-in, Excel-like functions, or even customize your own values.DecisionRules, you get an intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI that lets you create decision tables with just a few clicks—no coding skills required.
A test bench is built into the decision table designer, so you can quickly run your rules to test and debug them, all without leaving the DecisionRules interface.DecisionRules’ scripting rules to create and manage more complex, customized rules using code.
DecisionRules lets you organize rules into private spaces, making it easy for your entire team to collaborate and manage all the rules related to their tasks.Divide rules by department so employees can access and edit rules inside their designated spaces.
DecisionRules is equipped with version control, so you can store past versions of your rules and recover them at any time.


  • Design business rules that help your company work smarter, within a UI built for users at any technical skill level
  • Alternative to: Drools, Decisions, and Hyperon
  • Create team-specific rule management spaces and enable data flow between rules by connecting them on a drag-and-drop canvas
  • Best for: Companies of any size that need a user-friendly way to create business logic and simplify rule management


  • Decision tables
  • Scripting rules
  • Rule versioning
  • JSON import and export
  • Rule solver REST API
  • Rule flow solver API
  • Excel import and export
  • Role management permissions


With DecisionRules, you’ll get an intuitive way to build complex rules and create team-specific rule management spaces so your entire company can run more efficiently.


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