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What is Cuely?

Cuely is the worklife wellness assistant proven to make teams do and feel better by cueing you with personalized breaks and reminders. We’re proud to be the #1 featured wellness app on slack.


Cuely is the science-based worklife assistant here to save all from work captivity .

We help employees build healthy habits at home and at work by cueing you with micro-breaks throughout the day, proven to make you feel better and do better .

Cuely is integrated with how you already work and is backed by science. Boost happiness and productivity with proven activities that blend into your workday right inside the tools you already use.

With Cuely, take action in real-time team wellness insights. Understand how your team is feeling, and send relevant breaks and reminders based on your team’s needs.

Cuely’s design integrates positive reinforcement, quick feedback loop, social support, instant-gratification, and environmental cues to provide the best-of-class program for effective behavior change. 


  • Worklife wellness assistant proved to make teams do and feel better
  • #1 featured wellness app
  • Send relevant breaks and reminders based on your team’s needs
  • Hosting team challenges where participation means giving back to your favorite causes


  • Secureframe
  • Calm
  • stndup
  • Take a break
  • Dear Diary AI


This deals provides lifetime access for Unlimited “cues” personalized to each team member for $29 only

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