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Business overview

Crystal Ball is a predictive marketing tool that empowers your marketing strategy with deeper insights from automatically annotated data analytics.

Annotations simplify your data analysis, so you can see exactly what’s causing any spikes or dips in traffic.

Crystal Ball also lets you tap into Google Data Studio, with optimized integration that keeps your data organized and easy to understand.

You can create annotations for any changes that might impact your return on investment via API and CSV, or add them yourself manually.

Annotations can be created automatically for your Google Ads campaigns, Slack mentions, completed tasks, newsletters, and more.

With Zapier, you can connect Crystal Ball to over 4,000 apps, including Mailchimp, Bitbucket, and GitHub.Crystal Ball’s automation, you don’t have to keep your eye on Data Studio all the time to track your reports.


  • Create automated annotations for Google Analytics reports
  • Alternative to: Context
  • Integrate over 4,000 apps via Zapier and track events with ease
  • Best for: Web analysts and digital marketers who want to enhance their marketing ROI with automated data analytics annotations


  • Analytics dashboard
  • Unlimited report downloads
  • Website monitoring: 3 URLs at a time
  • 100 news alerts: keywords can be changed daily
  • Chrome extension
  • Data studio connector
  • Manual annotations
  • CSV upload
  • Annotations API
  • Automations: website monitoring, news alerts, holidays, retail marketing dates, Google updates, WordPress updates, weather alert
  • Notifications
  • Zapier integration


This deal gives lifetime access for Crystal Ball starts at $59 for 10 connect and filter properties

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

Business KPI

Founded: 2020

Country:GB:United Kingdom

Moz DA: 3

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