Cratoflow – An automated bookkeeping platform to take charge of your business finances




Business overview

Your business has finally started making big sales, but your money management skills peak at skipping that add-on of fries with your burger.

Unfortunately, hiring and training a bookkeeper is expensive, and there’s still no guarantee that they’ll keep your finances as current as you need them to be.

Why Cratoflow?

Bookkeeping is a pain but Cratoflow is different. We take charge so you can relax. 


Enjoy the luxury of managing paying your vendors & collecting customer payments in a single platform.


Try our unique Machine Learning solution to categorize expenses and reconcile open invoices and customer collections.

Mobilize It

Our handy mobile app allows you to upload invoices and receipts for entry, approve those entries, and approve payments to vendors.

Easy on-Boarding

Follow our simple step by step process to begin using your very own automated accounting platform.


Create business rules tailored to your organization in order to tell our bot how to manage transaction level accounting.

Power On

Let our AI bot Tara guide you on end to end processing in completing your books for glowing financials. 


  • Process invoices, pay bills, and instantly verify and reconcile sales with perfect accuracy
  • Sync your bank and credit cards to automatically track expenses for a clear picture of your finances
  • Alternative to: Invoiced, Stampli
  • Best for: Small or online businesses that need help managing all their daily finances, all from one comprehensive platform


  • Managed integrations
  • Custom invoices
  • Automated vendor bill processing
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Build and manage disputes
  • Withdrawal and deposit categorization
  • Inventory
  • Sales order management
  • Sales entry posting
  • Product catalog
  • Line-item invoice recognition
  • AI-enabled data capturing
  • Automated coding of expenses
  • Advanced reporting
  • Electronic submissions
  • Get sales details from POS
  • Manage deposits and withdrawals


This deal gives lifetime access for Cratoflow and it just starts at $69 only.

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Price: $69

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