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What is Cogniflow?

Cogniflow gives you the tools to build any AI model from text, audio, or images without writing a single line of code. With Cogniflow, you can build end-to-end machine learning models from text, audio, or images in just a few minutes. Best of all, you don’t need any AI or coding experience to do it!


  1. Cogniflow, you can build end-to-end machine learning models from text, audio, or images in just a few minutes.
  2. Since Cogniflow is designed to be beginner-friendly, you’ll get guidance at every step of the process so you never feel lost or confused.this platform offers full native support for AI text models in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  3. Train your AI models with native data, or use Cogniflow’s pre-trained models, including sentiment analysis, emotion detection, video or audio transcription, and translation.
  4. Plus, it’s easy to work with text-based AI models within Excel or Google Sheets to accomplish everyday tasks in record time.
  5. Integrate Cogniflow with Excel or Google Sheets to run your text-based AI models right from the platform.


  • Build any AI model from text, images, or audio in minutes, or use pre-trained models—no coding necessary
  • Integrate your custom AI models into any app, and use text-based AI models directly in Excel or Google Sheets


  • Train and predict from text, image, video, or audio
  • Commercial use
  • Integrations: Excel, Bubble, Google Sheets, and Botpress
  • Open API
  • Object detection
  • Supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Train models with data or use pre-trained models (sentiment analysis, emotion detection, and video or audio transcription)


  • StackerX
  • NoCodeAPI
  • Indify
  • Candu
  • Ycode
  • Dialogue For Shopify
  • Simplicity Blocks


reduce 50% of the time spent in this stage using a state-of-the-art AI speech system that predicts a candidate’s English level


This deal provides lifetime access for 15,000 predictions per month & 50 training hours per month for $79 only

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