CloudSponge Contact Picker – Use address books to streamline referrals and optimize your word-of-mouth strategy




Business overview

CloudSponge is a contact picker that lets users access their address books to personalize referral emails right from your site.

Integrate the Contact Picker button with your existing referral form. When users click, they can choose their provider and log in to select the contacts they want to share.

CloudSponge pulls recipient details to personalize the “From,” “To,” and “Subject” fields on all outgoing emails, so prospects will know who referred them.

Measure engagement with a conversion funnel that shows how many users launched the Contact Picker, connected their address books, and actually submitted contacts.

CloudSponge alsosimplifies the process of sharing everythingfrom wish lists and registries to newsletters and coupons with your contacts.


  • Grow your mailing list and conversions with an address book integration that lets users personalize referral emails
  • Alternative to: Chrome Contact Picker API and Improsys Contact Importer
  • Track data on every step of your sharing workflow and use insights to improve performance
  • Best for: Marketing teams, growth hackers, ecommerce developers, and business owners that want to improve word-of-mouth outreach


  • RESTful Contacts API
  • All address book providers
  • Universal contact picker
  • Custom stylesheet and fonts
  • Custom languages and labels
  • Use your own OAuth credentials
  • 24/7 automated uptime monitoring
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Separate settings for each site license
  • Site-specific analytics and charts
  • Zapier integration


This deal provides lifetime access for 1 website and 500 free address books was just starts $59 only

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

Business KPI

Country:US:United States

Traffic: 20 /M

Revenue($): 9/M

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