Click2Contact App – Increase inbound leads for your business, help visitors connect with you with a single tap.




Business overview

What is Click2Contact App?

  • Click2Contact software is a platform used to helps visitors connect with sellers.
  • The software offers tools to manage contact channels for visitors on a daily base and can add the right contact channel mix for your business.
  • Add a custom button and can increase responses compared to sending mail.
  • Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.
  • The Click2Contact App is an innovative WhatsApp chat widget that helps to increase inbound leads for businesses.
  • With this tool, visitors are able to connect with you easily and quickly.
  • The community submitted 38 reviews to tell us what they like about Click2Contact, what Click2Contact can do better, and more.


Click2Contact App helps add chat widget to website with the option to:

1. Click to call

2. Click to message

3. Click to message on WhatsApp with customer pre-defined message that opens in app on mobile

4. Click 2 message on Messenger opens in app on mobile, telegram, Viber, Skype

5. Click to email, click to message online, and more

6. Also you can add a custom button — just provide label and URL

7. Includes unlimited page views

Adding is as easy as copy-paste: copy the code we provide and paste to the site body, and you’re done.


Alternative to Crisp and Intercom

Best for Authors,Bloggers and Web design agencies


This deal provides lifetime access 5 Widgets for $17only

 Click2Contact App - WhatsApp Chat Widget Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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