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Business overview

You run a great business, but as far as finances go, you’re still a money-under-the-mattress type of planner.

Connect to your accounting software and start automatically generating up-to-date cash flow forecasts.You’ll also be able to test certain actions without affecting your accounting software data, so you know when it’s the right time to pay a bill, hire a new employee, or expand.

What is Cash Flow Frog?

Cash Flow Frog is a business finance planning tool that integrates with your favorite accounting software to help keep tabs on your cash flow.

By connecting your accounting software to Cash Flow Frog, you can automatically generate cash flow forecasts designed for your business.

Cash Flow Frog integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, and Zapier, so your reports are always relevant and up-to-date.On the dashboard, you can view and customize your forecasts with daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns.

You can simulate multiple what-if scenarios with customizable graphs that are easy to understand.Just create a new scenario and Cash Flow Frog generates a chart simulating consequences over time.

New transactions are automatically synced and integrated into your forecast, so you can monitor planned versus actual cash flow performance in real-time.


  • Automatically generate cash flow forecasts from your accounting data and share up-to-date reports
  • Plan ahead with visualized projections and track your cash flow performance in real time
  • Alternative to: Float, CashFlowTool, and Futrli
  • Best for: Small business owners, managers, and freelancers who want to stay on track financially and meet cash flow goals



See your future cash balance and know where your business is headed

Planned vs Actual

Get better results by tracking your planned cash flow vs. actual results


Plan far into the future with smart and flexible cash flow projections

Customer Insights

Get to know your best and worst customers and improve your collection

Branded Reports

Share your cash flow forecasts and plans with beautiful and customizable reports.


Make smarter business decisions by simulating different what-if scenarios

VAT/GST Forecast

Enhance your cash flow forecast by incorporating VAT/GST returns into your cash flow forecast

Multiple Perspectives

Analyze and plan your cash flow up to 3 years ahead using daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly perspectives.

consolidate entities

Easily consolidate data from multiple companies into a single cash flow forecast


This deal gives lifetime access for Cash Flow Frog was $588 but it was now available at $59 only.

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