Blixo-Manage subscriptions, invoicing, collections, and reconciliation automation in one platform




Business overview

Just because you’re billing subscribers and customers doesn’t mean you’re getting paid

It’s not easy to scale your business when you’re chasing down late payments and playing catch-up with your accounts receivable every month.

You need a tool that helps you monitor your invoices, collect payments, and follow up with subscribers—without lifting a finger.

Blixo automates your subscription management, invoicing, collections, and reconciliation processes so you can get paid faster.

Blixo lets you automatically generate and send invoices with prepopulated items, like products and services, on a one-time or recurring basis.

You can monitor when invoices are opened and automatically bill customers via their preferred payment method.

Thanks to Blixo’s automated solutions, you’ll also be able to deliver reminders and manage electronic and traditional payments.

And it’s easy to customize payment terms, calculate taxes, and discounts through the branded customer portal.

Blixo also lets you send friendly follow-ups to your customers so it feels easier to manage late payments.

The software can also handle disputes and allow partial payments to keep cash flowing.

Plus, you can accept credit or debit cards, wire transfers, and all major payment methods to accommodate US-based or international clients.

Blixo helps you build customized signup pages that make the enrollment process a breeze.

Flexible subscription management lets you generate recurring bills for subscribers and accept payments from anywhere.

If a payment fails due to outdated information, customers can auto-update expired credit cards, auto-retry failed payments, or push through despite declined charges.

You can get an overview of customer subscription details, including their upcoming invoices, payment terms, status, and history.

Match payments to the corresponding customer invoice so you can process payments faster.

Customers can choose their preferred payment methods, view payment history, and manage subscriptions through the customer portal.

With Blixo, you’ll be able to automate the entire payment process, from sending reminders to accepting payments from anywhere.


  • Manage all your recurring billing and invoices with one platform
  • Alternative to: High Radius, Chargebee, and Invoice2go
  • Customize your own customer portal so your customers can pay invoices or manage their subscriptions
  • Best for: Agencies, creators, and subscription companies that want to stop worrying about chasing invoices and get paid faster
  • Related categories: Client Management, CRM, Accounting


  • Unlimited customers and contacts
  • Unlimited automated invoices
  • Estimates/quotes and customer approvals
  • Payment plans
  • Stripe and QuickBooks integrations
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Invoice delivery and collection via email and other methods
  • Custom invoice, statement, and email templates
  • Bulk import data via CSV


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