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What is BHuman?

Personalized videos that look real are now possible thanks to our groundbreaking AI, which enables you to make them at scale with our AI. By utilizing our technology, you can connect with your customers in a natural and authentic way, creating human connections at scale with our AI.

If there was a powerful AI tool that enabled you to “clone” yourself, it would be incredibly convenient and effective for creating personalized, realistic videos at scale.


Generate personalized videos through BHuman, an AI-powered video platform, which gives you the ability to create thousands of realistic videos. BHuman can produce videos that are customized to your exact look and voice, utilizing the face and voice of a human to do so. Personalize the script by recording yourself reading it with brief pauses around the words you want to emphasize, such as the recipient’s name, industry, or product.

By accessing your CRM through Zapier, add additional data for each personalized variable. Easily create personalized videos for thousands of recipients in just three steps. Automated technology makes it easy to re-engage and activate new or stale leads with personalized product demos. By connecting this platform to your favorite apps via Zapier, you can optimize your workflow and establish cool automations, like sending personalized videos for abandoned carts.

Automatically generate personalized videos using BHuman and connect it to your favorite apps. Utilize actors, celebrities, and influencer avatars in your videos. To connect with your audience, select from avatars of actors, celebrities, and influencers. Achieving a personal video output of 1,000 clips in under an hour is possible for BHuman. Personal AI-enhanced videos are conveniently available on Vimeo, making it the ideal platform for hosting them all. Easily create personalized videos for any situation with data imported.

BHuman generates personalized videos that look and feel like they were created by a real person, which allows you to forge connections rapidly.


  • Create personalized videos you can customize for thousands of recipients in just three easy steps
  • Integrates with tons of tools via Zapier, so you can automatically send personalized videos at critical points in your workflow
  • Best for Ecommerce, Marketers & Sales managers
  • Alternative to Vidyard


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Vimeo access and storage
  • Generate personalized AI videos that look real
  • Zapier and Shopify integration
  • Use celebrity templates
  • Chat with other users in your industry in BHuman’s social feed
  • Full access to the template store containing pre-made template videos
  • Access to dozens of tutorials
  • Access to pre-built flows for plug-and-play integrations
  • Generate first name recordings with the click of a button
  • Send videos to customers over email & SMS directly in the BHuman platform


This deal provides lifetime access to 150 videos per month for $49 only

 BHuman Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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