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Business overview

What is APUtime?

ApuTime is a cloud-based project management software that is designed for businesses in the marketing, IT, media production, and other industries. And to make things even easier for staff, the platform also allows them to track work progress from a centralized location.

The ApuTime API makes it possible for developers to connect their apps with several other third-party applications.Some of the most popular tools used to manage work and collaborate include Google Drive, Google SharePoint, Slack, Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, Make, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts.Pricing for the software is based on monthly subscriptions, and customer support is available via chat and other measures.


APUtime is an AI-powered virtual project assistant that can help you optimize your work schedule. A software package that can provide you with a realistic schedule for your team. This powerful virtual assistant will help to assign tasks to employees based on their skills and abilities.See a snapshot of all the tasks that you have currently scheduled, postponed, or completed. AI technology can help to modify the project plan and keep teams running smoothly.


  • Identify the most efficient way to complete a project and automatically optimize the plan as you go
  • Provide employees with daily work schedules based on up-to-date company priorities on an AI-driven Gantt chart
  • Best for Project managers, SaaS and Virtual
  • Alternative to Asana, Jira and SAP Process Orchestration


  • Unlimited video conferencing
  • Process mapping in ProjectFormation-extended BPMN
  • Management reports and insights
  • Gantt.AI for dynamic scheduling visualization
  • Autonomous smart schedule (virtual project assistant)
  • APUFlow has chat and video conferencing within the platform
  • Workload management and analysis with bottleneck and anomaly detection
  • Competency matrix
  • Personalized schedule in easy-to-use kanban view
  • Integrate with Google Calendar and Outlook events, Slack, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and hundreds of tools via Integromat
  • Prioritize projects with AI deliverability analysis
  • API keys
  • Android and iOS mobile app
  • Recurring project creation
  • Time and cost tracking with export to XLS and CSV
  • Work time and availability settings


This deal provides lifetime access to 100 active projects for $39 only

 APUtime Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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