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What is AppSumo Connect Beta?

  • The AppSumo Connect Beta is a new product that helps users connect popular tools with AppSumo Originals.
  • The beta product includes a tool that helps users find and connect with AppSumo Originals that match their specific needs.
  • AppSumo Connect is a tool from the AppSumo Originals team that connects products and helps automate your workflow.
  • You can test it out and get the best deal before it’s released to the general public.
  • With its intuitive interface, AppSumo Connect makes it easy to integrate products and your favourite tools, so you can save time (and money).
  • Exclusively for Plus members for a limited time, AppSumo Connect beta lets you see what we’re building and give feedback to improve it.
  • Just like the other powerful AppSumo Originals products including SendFox and TidyCal, we’re excited to create a simpler, more affordable solution for you.
  • Check out the AppSumo Connect beta now and lock in the lowest price, all while we add new features and updates.


  • The newest product we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes helps you connect your favorite products, automate tasks, and simplify your workflows.
  • AppSumo Connect is a beta product from the AppSumo Originals team to connect your favorite products and improve your workflow.
  •  It grows in real time, and get the best deal at the best price before it gets released to the general public.
  • AppSumo Connect makes it easy to integrate Originals products and your favorite tools, so you can build workflows and automations.
  • These triggers help you begin your workflow and prompt subsequent actions to automate your most annoying processes, saving you tons of time (and money)!


  • Connect AppSumo Originals with popular tools like Slack, Klaviyo, and Facebook (with more coming soon!)
  • Give feedback and help shape the development of our newest product
  • Best for Marketing agencies,Product managers and Small businesses
  • Alternative toMake, and Zapier


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