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Business overview

What is Apphive?

  • Apphive is an advanced web platform that allows the creation of dynamic mobile applications without the need to write code or program.
  • You only need to drag elements, edit and you will have a mobile application in a matter of minutes.
  • The most exciting things about this software are its no-coding app-building feature, collaboration tools, debugging, access control, and integration.
  • Apphive is an advanced app builder that allows to make dynamic mobile applications without the need to write a single line of code.
  • Apphive is a unique mobile app builder. It allows to build native mobile apps with no programming skills required.
  • Every element of your application – from interfaces to business logic can be created intuitively without any coding skills.
  • Apphive is a drag and drop web platform which allows the user the possibility to create easy-friendly mobile apps to use without code knowledge.
  • With Apphive you can add components like Database, GPS, Camera, Geolocation and so on.
  • In contrast to other platforms in the market, Apphive allows the user to create full functional apps and not just informative apps, we create a very intuitive interface 100% visual and with database and user security embed


  • Apphive is a mobile no-code builder that lets you build, publish, and manage apps on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Customize templates to build your app and view edits in real time with the Apphive render.Simply drag-and-drop complex functions to add interactive features to your app.
  • Quickly connect with third-party APIs like Stripe and Openpay to elevate your user experience.
  • This platform gives you the ability to create your own app through a simple, intuitive and friendly interface.
  • Apphive’s technology offers various options so you can build whatever fits your needs, whether you want to create a vertical or horizontal scrolling application.
  • Apphive is a codeless app building tool that makes use of drag-and-drop elements along with customization, and publishing options.
  • It functions as an easy mobile app maker where users can choose a template that suits their needs, finish the app, and directly publish it on the Play Store and App Stores. All this and more can be completed within minutes.
  • With a smart app manager and simple associated tools, various types of apps can be built in multiple industries such as home renting, cab booking, and more.
  • All types of features can be added to apps such as GPS, maps, notifications or store.
  • Users can add branded content such as multimedia audio and video files, easily receive payments from their customers through the cards of various banks, and manage a catalog of services along with a search feature.
  • They can even allow user permissions, define role hierarchies, and manage roles.


  • Drag-and-drop elements to create an app that can be fully customized in real time
  • Build apps packed with robust features like APIs, GPS, and maps on a code-free platform
  • Best for Developers,SaaS and Web design agencies
  • Alternative to Adalo,Glide Apps and Thunkable


  • Unlimited screens per app
  • 1,000 webhook queries per month
  • Unlimited cloud storage through your Firebase account
  • Publish apps to Android and iOS app stores
  • Premade app templates
  • API access and all integrations
  • Accept payments in apps
  • Send alerts and push notifications to users
  • Multi-language app

Best For

Entrepreneurs, small and medium business


This deal provides lifetime access for 1 total Android compilations per month for $19only

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Founded: 2016

Country:United States

Traffic: 247.6K /M

Revenue($): 117.6K/M

Moz DA: 30

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