API Spreadsheets – All-in-one spreadsheet importing, reporting, and API code for developers




Business overview

API Spreadsheets is a suite of developer tools that lets you build spreadsheet importing, reading, reporting, and other complex capabilities in your applications.

You’ll be able to automatically generate a custom URL and pre-written code that you can plug directly into apps and websites.

API Spreadsheets streamlines the process of connecting files from customers, clients, and internal teams, so all your data is in one place.

Use your spreadsheets as a database and collect user-submitted info through an API that automatically updates to your connected spreadsheets.The tool generates a REST API for each imported file, which means you’ll get a URL that you can use to create, read, add to, and delete from each spreadsheet.

API Spreadsheets’ auto-reporting feature makes it easy to keep your team updated with just a few clicks.lets you set up teams within your organization and manage spreadsheet access and reporting visibility by role.


  • Build a spreadsheet importer for your users that saves their files to Google Drive, AWS S3, Dropbox, or your database
  • Alternative to: Sheetsu and Flatfile
  • Use your spreadsheets as an API or database with preset code and customizable features like email reporting
  • Best for: Software engineers and web developers who need an all-in-one tool for building robust spreadsheet functionality


  • Secure and private API URL
  • Success and error alerts
  • Block request types
  • Auto email
  • Webhooks
  • Multiple Keys


This deal gives lifetime access for API Spreadsheets starts at $69 with 50 files,5 team members.

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