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What is Analyzati?

An analytics tool that allows you to gain valuable insights into your website performance without sacrificing user data. Real-time website analytics that provide you with the same insights as Google Analytics, but with added privacy and data anonymity. Analyzati uses advanced technology to deliver real-time analytics and powerful insights for your online presence.


Analyzati is a powerful website analytics tool that provides users with a variety of alternative options to Google Analytics, the most well-known website analytics tool. Unlike Google Analytics, which requires users to give away their personal data in order to use its features, Analyzati offers a range of privacy-focused options that allow users to keep their data anonymous. This makes it the perfect choice for website analytics privacy focused users who are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics that still offers all the benefits of tracking website performance.


  • Get the same insights you’d get from Google Analytics, but with added privacy and data anonymity
  • No IP tracking, no fingerprints, no cookies – GDPR and PECR full compliance
  • Best for Developers, Small businesses and Web designers
  • Alternative to Google Analytics and Kissmetrics


  • Data export
  • Weekly email report in your inbox
  • Track events and campaigns
  • Share websites reports with your clients (password protected)
  • Script size less than 1k
  • No IP tracking
  • No cookies
  • No fingerprints
  • Dark and light mode available
  • Knowledge base available
  • English and Spanish dashboard


This deal provides lifetime access to Up to 200k page views per month for $29 only

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