AmzChart – AmzChart is a BSR analysis tool with the largest Ecom intelligence database.




Business overview

What is AmzChart ?

An Amazon product research tool with a massive data base, AmzChart is. Using big data and artificial intelligence technology, Amazon cross-border sellers can access products research, follow-up monitoring, and other services. Through analytical evaluation of product data and analysis of category data, to assist in finding the best-selling products on Amazon.


  • Large database updated on a regular basis with over 60 million items across nine markets: the United States, Japan, India, Germany, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Mexico
  • Key product metrics which to refer to while reveal the secrets of successful products
  • Detailed market insights to discover the most valuable niches
  • Insightful keyword data where you can find and adjust valuable keywords to increase traffic to your product listings
  • Product tracker to monitor items’ performance and competitors
  • Additional supports and tools: image matting and FBA calculator


Analytica, Zoho Analytics, Hexowatch, BangDB, Cluvio, Visplore, Qubole Data Service, Google Cloud and Hopsworks

Can Amzchart Offer an API?

No, AmzChart does not have an API available.


  • The function keyword can assist in giving emphasis to product keywords, and surpassing competitors.
  • Analyzing market trends can assist with data analysis for sellers, as well as provide insight into the top-rated categories.
  • The ability to track product sales through the data monitoring function can help sellers achieve product tracking, which supports the user’s sales figures.

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This deal provides lifetime access to Find out more about different categories and discover profitable niches for $99 Only

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