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Manually transcribing your audio and video can feel a whole lot like a cruel punishment. Luckily, there’s an AI-powered platform that automatically generates transcripts and subtitles from your audio or video, making your content way more accessible.

Amberscript is a transcription and subtitling tool that uses amazingly accurate AI engines to automatically convert your audio or video to text and subtitles.


  • Get instant, highly-accurate transcript drafts that you can edit and export into multiple text and subtitle file formats
  • Alternative to: Trint and AegiSub
  • Use the online editor to highlight parts of transcriptions, change content, find and replace words, rename speakers, and more
  • Best for: Marketers, producers, journalists, and creators that need quality transcriptions and subtitles for audio and video


Upload your file in any of the 39 languages provided, select the number of speakers, and kick off your AI transcription! 

Amberscript allows you to save time with AI-powered transcription for your online meetings, webinars, training courses, and any other video or audio content.

Create automatic transcriptions and subtitles for 39 different languages with the option to edit text and speakers later.

Amberscript’s AI will automatically transform your transcript into readable subtitles of the same language, so you never have to worry about formatting again!

Edit, highlight, rename speakers, and export your files with ease!

To get started, upload your audio or video file (or record directly from your smartphone) to get a transcript draft in just minutes via the platform’s speech recognition engine.

Once your draft has been generated, you can use the intuitive online text editor to revise, highlight, and find and search through your text with ease.

The built-in editor makes it easy to create SEO-ready texts and blog content out of video or audio.

Export your files into text or subtitle formats using the AI-powered alignment and formatting features.

Once your text is ready to go, you can export it into DOC, JSON, TXT, SRT, VTT, and many other formats, with the option to include timestamps and speaker distinction.

AI-powered automatic alignments with customizable formatting let you create subtitles in the right format for platforms like Netflix and BBC, or with custom settings.

The platform’s algorithm makes subtitles more readable by breaking up sentences and adding pauses in a logical way, allowing you to create a more natural flow.

Record your audio directly to the Amberscript app or upload the audio to the app to get started.

With Amberscript’s app, getting your audio transcribed on the go is simpler than ever.

Use the app to record interviews or meetings directly, or upload audio instantly right from your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to leverage your audio and video content across channels, Amberscript makes it a cinch to transcribe your recordings and add subtitles for accessibility.


The days of manually transcribing your audio are over. Get lifetime access to Amberscript with starting price $69.

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