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Business overview

Aikido Finance provides data-driven, algo-trading strategies to automate your investing, so you can build a portfolio in minutes.Connect your broker, pick an investment strategy, and build out an automated portfolio without putting any (more) gray hairs on your head.

Aikido Finance uses the highest-quality financial data to power decades worth of backtested strategies.

Crypto volatility is no secret, which is why Aikido Finance gives you access to automated dollar-cost averaging (DCA) to invest a set amount every month into your coin(s) of choice.

You’ll be tackling a finicky market with one of the best long-term strategies to avoid the anxiety of timing buys in volatile markets.Simply connect your exchange, choose a cryptocurrency, adjust your contribution settings, and build a DCA.


  • Build an investment portfolio in less than five minutes and start algo-trading stocks and cryptos using time-tested strategies
  • Alternative to: QuantConnect, Streak, and Coinrule
  • Connect your broker, pick a strategy, and build the portfolio super easily from a single platform
  • Best for: Everyday people who want to easily build a stock or investment portfolio using a data-driven approach


  • Premium investment strategies
  • Automated trading (stock and crypto broker integration)
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Impact investing portfolio add-ons
  • Technical trading portfolio add-ons
  • Quantitative stock research
  • Stock screener


This deal gives lifetime access for Aikido finance with just $59 only.

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