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Business overview

Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ads management platform that lets you launch and scale campaigns across multiple accounts with customizable monitoring tools.

Adscook also streamlines data entry, letting you copy and paste targeting details from one audience to another, instead of manually re-entering every time.

Powerful ad creation options allow you to upload 50 media assets per campaign, as well as customize audience settings to create 500 unique ads that target your pre-saved groups.

Upload media from your desktop or Google Drive and save content to an asset library that you can continually access as you develop new campaigns.

Once a campaign launches, Adscook’s advanced automation monitors posts 24/7 and as often as every 15 minutes—so you can stop stalking Facebook Ads Manager all the time.You can also preset automated adjustments based on dynamic and relative conditions tied to your business goals, like automatically increasing ad spend as cost per order goes down.

The dashboard also displays stats on individual ads and lets you edit assets without leaving the page, in case you want to use the data to make tweaks that would improve performance.


  • Boost revenue from Facebook ads with automated 24/7 monitoring that adjusts campaign behavior based on customized conditions
  • Alternative to: and Revealbot
  • Create and launch up to 500 ads across multiple Facebook accounts, plus analyze data across all accounts from one dashboard
  • Best for: Marketing and ecommerce pros who need a user-friendly ads management tool with robust functionality


  • Create ads
  • Automated campaign monitoring and management
  • Create A/B variants
  • Save field presets
  • Copy & paste entire fields from one asset to another
  • Actionable and multi-account reporting


This deal provides lifetime access at $79 for $15,000 monthly ad spend limit.

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Satus: Active

Price: $79

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Founded: 2016

Country:US:United States

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