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Notion - The ultimate organization tool - Groww

In todays market or in any company or organization you needed an all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, wikis, projects, and collaboration.  The market for note-taking and collaboration apps is crowded and growing. Among tech giants and private companies, choices include different tools and  all have their partisans. And plenty of people get by with the basic notes app that comes preinstalled on their phone or laptop.

For all these workspace you all need a single tool and here is the tool Notion ,which you can use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company.

What is Notion?

Notion is a tool that defies conventional categorization. Instead of being a tool for this purpose or that, it’s a tool you can use for nearly anything to do with manipulating digital data.

What is Notion used for?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized – it allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects & more. Imagine a lego structure. Notion provides the building blocks and you can create your own layouts and toolkit to get work done.

What is Notion best used for?

Notion is one of the most popular and flexible tools. It can be a writing repository, task management software, a workout calendar, a database, and so much more.


  • One workspace – We’re more than a doc. Or a table. Customize Notion to work the way you do.
  • Team up without the chaos – Connect your teams, projects, and docs in Notion ,so you can bust silos and move as one.
  • Never ask What’s the context? – In Notion, your daily work and knowledge live side by side so you never lose context.
  • Build the workflow you want – Just drag and drop to craft the dashboard ,website, doc ,or system you need.
  • Benefit from a global ecosystem of creators – Get inspiration from thousands of community-made templates, integrations, and events.
  • Built for endless uses, Across all teams – Notion solves problems common and unique to every team. These are just a few.
  • Start with a template – Choose from thousands of free, pre-built setups for work and life.
  • Used by the world’s most innovative teams

What are the benefits of Notion?

Notion gives teams the tools to plan, track, and update multiple projects and tasks from a single platform. High accessibility, clear visibility, and real-time updates give remote teams an accurate view of all tasks. Team members can post comments and start conversations with anyone at anytime.

Notion has very good eco-system around it like Notion templates (free & paid) , communities and developers. So it is fairly very easy to get started.

Is Notion the right solution for you?

Notion has a growing customer base with business needs and workflows that are too unique for existing solutions. They choose the software solution because it allows them to create tools as simple or as complex as they need it to be. Furthermore, Notion project management provides teams the visibility when changes happen. They get real-time status updates using a single platform with all the tools each team member needs to keep projects on track.


For Enterprise

Notion is more powerful with more people. For enterprise it includes advanced permission and security features to manage your growing workspace. A digital workplace that scales with your company.

Connect teams, tools, and information so you can execute together, faster.

  • Where knowledge & everyday work meet
  • An index for everything you need
  • Collaboration built in
  • Customize tools to fit how teams work

For Small Business

Your projects, wikis and docs, all side by side. For small teams to large organizations.

  • Ship projects faster
  • Your digital office
  • Docs that keep everyone aligned
  • Built for every team

For Personal

Notion for everyone. Write, plan, & get organized in one place. See how Notion works

  • Take notes
  • Get organized
  • Start writing
  • Track tasks
  • Get better
  • Build websites

Notion also have iOS & Android apps to match.

Notion for Blogging

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines the functionality of spreadsheets, word processors, task management apps, and more. Here are a few ways you can use Notion for blogging.

Content repository – Your content repository is your digital library. Articles, blogs, email newsletters, courses — save whatever you want to explore later. Notion is the perfect tool for creating a content repository. It provides control on a granular level.

Blog dashboard – Your blog dashboard is where everything lives: your content creation hub, your social media dashboard, branding materials, and more.

Content creation hub – Your content creation hub in Notion is where all your content planning will live. Rough ideas, blog posts, content offers, social media posts you name it.

Content offers – Content offers are the bread and butter for bloggers. You don’t need me to tell you that writing an ebook or planning a course takes a lot of work. Hash out deliverables, goals, rough ideas, tentative publish dates, and more within each page.

Notion for engineering

Build custom workflows to manage sprints alongside documentation. Minimize work about work and create as a team.

  • A root node for every project
  • Documentation that’s usable and discoverable
  • Build any workflow to match your team’s style
  • Migrate without the hours of manual work

Notion for product development

Bring together all the people and info you need to get new products into the world fast.

  • One roadmap organizes the work for all teams
  • Everyone knows where to find project info
  • Create custom processes that work for you and your team
  • Migrate without the hours of manual work

Notion for Startups

Build your company and team with one tool.

  • Build a wiki people love
  • Find every doc you need, fast
  • Manage projects your way
  • Make your pitch stand out

Notion for Education

Your notes, research, tasks, and more all in one place. Built for every student, teacher, and school.

  • Docs & wiki
  • Embed anything
  • Drag & drop editing
  • Publish online

Notion is also used for non-profits ,design ,managers and many more….for more details check the below link..


Making Notion’s free plan for Personal is more generous represents an effort to lure in more people and broaden the top of the company’s sales funnel.  Most applications include collaboration features that help increase team productivity.

The pricing of Notion for personal is free so grab it soon , but the price may vary for team and enterprise.

Notion resources

Save to notion

In this you learn how to use Notion to save your Internet research information very quickly and conveniently with browser extension.

Create a framework that sets your team up for success

This guide helps you (Managers, Organizations, Startups, Companies etc) to setup the Notion workspace for your team to improve the productivity.

Make your Notion more powerful

Here is the list of resources for Notion. The list includes website makers, templates etc. to make more out of Notion.

Do more with Notion.
Notion EnhancerMod-loader for the desktop app with custom themes and many feature enhancements.100% FreeWebsiteApps & Plugins
Startup OSPlan, launch, and manage your startup all in one place.One Time PaymentWebsiteTemplates
Notion EverythingA marketplace for Notion templates & a newsletter with weekly Notion templates.Free OptionsWebsiteResourcesTemplates
SuperAn SEO friendly builder which allows you to use custom domains, fonts & analytics.Free TrialWebsiteWebsite Building
Notion TweetTwitter All-in-one Tool directly for Notion.100% FreeWebsiteApps & PluginsChrome Extensions
Icons 8Icons for your notion pages.100% FreeWebsitePersonalization
Red GregoryA blog with templates, resources and a lot of detailed notion content.Free OptionsWebsiteContent CreatorsTemplates
Notion2SheetsNotion2Sheets allows you to synchronize your Notion databases with Google Sheets!100% FreeWebsiteIntegrations
My 2020 DashboardA no-nonsense, simple template that focuses on action using Notion. I created it in 2020.100% FreeWebsiteTemplates
Joey8 powerful blocks to boost engagement for Notion pages.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite BuildingCommunication
FloatTurn your docs in Notion into a fully operational online course in minutes.Free TrialWebsiteWebsite BuildingOther
Thomas Frank ExplainsNotion tutorials and deep dives into productivity tools.100% FreeWebsiteContent CreatorsTemplates
Notion DrawSketch pad for drawing in Notion blocks.100% FreeWebsiteApps & Plugins
Notion PackAll the freelance documents you need, as Notion templates.One Time PaymentWebsiteTemplatesResources
Marie PoulinMarie creates courses, templates and content on her youtube channel about Notion.Free OptionsWebsiteTemplatesContent Creators
August BradleyAugust helps you achieve massive focus and work better with NotionFree OptionsWebsiteContent CreatorsResources
Evergreen NotesA sidebar extension that shows you backlinks, references & headers à la Roam / Obsidian.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
ApptionFind & Learn Notion friendly Embeddable mini Apps.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite BuildingPersonalization
Notion MasteryMaster your life and business workflows with this course from Marie Poulin.One Time PaymentWebsiteResources
Notion charts - Notion VIPGenerate embeddable charts, beautifully optimized for Notion. Made by Notion VIP.Free OptionsWebsitePersonalization
The Notion BarAesthetic Notion templates & tipsFree OptionsWebsiteContent CreatorsTemplates
IndifyLevel up your Notion pages with custom widgets and build better notion websites.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite BuildingPersonalization
OptemizationNo-Code agency that creates Notion Templates & Resources, & Icons.Free OptionsWebsiteResourcesOther
ChilipepperChilipepper allow you to create beautiful forms connected to your Notion pages.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite BuildingApps & Plugins
FruitionFree, open source toolkit for building websites with Notion.100% FreeWebsiteWebsite Building
Save to NotionSave links to your Notion databases with this Chrome Extension.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
Notion AutomationsNotion Automations using Notion's API.Monthly SubscriptionWebsiteIntegrationsApps & Plugins
Notion Web ClipperUse this Web Clipper made by the Notion team to save any web page into Notion.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
PotionGenerate speedy sites with custom domains, styles and great SEO.Free TrialWebsiteWebsite Building
Notion PDF ExportAllows batch PDF exports. You can export as HTML and then convert those into PDFs.100% FreeWebsiteApps & Plugins
Automate IntegrationConnect Notion with your favourite apps with OptionsWebsiteIntegrations
NotionlyticsConnect your public Notion pages with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.Free OptionsWebsiteApps & Plugins
NotioneryA curated marketplace of premium Notion templates.Free OptionsWebsiteTemplatesResources
Notion IconsThousands of icons for Notion. Supports dark mode, light mode and a combined mode.100% FreeWebsitePersonalizationResources
Notion Tracker Suite12 productivity templates and a 10-Part Notion training course.One Time PaymentWebsiteResourcesTemplates
Notion MetricsPulls important metrics from Stripe, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Plaid, Google Analytics...Free TrialWebsiteApps & Plugins
WunderpresentationCreate presentation slides from text via Notion.DonationsWebsiteChrome ExtensionsCommunication
Notion Guides & TutorialsExplore new ways to use Notion with guides and tutorials from the Notion team.100% FreeWebsiteTemplatesResources
Remote Work ResourcesA hub for the best resources and templates for remote work from the Notion team.100% FreeWebsiteResourcesTemplates
Quicknote iPhone AppInstant launch blank notepad synced to Notion with this iPhone app.Free OptionsWebsiteApps & Plugins
Notion++Makes Notion more responsive and makes animations quicker in your browser.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
Readwise to NotionReadwise will automatically synchronize all your highlights to a table in Notion.Monthly SubscriptionWebsiteIntegrationsApps & Plugins
NoteletWrite in Notion, publish to the web. Add custom domain, analytics, themes and more.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite Building
Notion ImagesGenerate images that fill out the aspect ratio of Gallery databases.100% FreeWebsiteApps & PluginsPersonalization
Google Forms to NotionForm to Notion helps you connect Google forms with Notion tables & embed it in Notion pages.100% FreeWebsiteApps & PluginsIntegrations
Notion Icons - Notion VipThe easiest way to use gorgeous icons in Notion. Made by Notion VIP.100% FreeWebsitePersonalization
Notion VIPNotion tools, templates & resources.Free OptionsWebsiteResourcesTemplates
No Code PagesCreate websites and apps on Notion without coding.One Time PaymentWebsiteWebsite Building
Open in NotionOpen share links in the your desktop app.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
WidgetBoxWidgetBox lets you create custom widgets for Notion Pages.100% FreeWebsiteApps & PluginsIntegrations
NotionQLGraphQL for Notion.100% FreeWebsiteWebsite BuildingIntegrations
Notion Live IconsDynamic icons, images and covers with live information like live weather and calendars.Free OptionsWebsitePersonalizationResources
NotioncatTurn Notion pages into websites.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite Building
The Bulletproof WorkspaceNotion workspace for productivity.One Time PaymentWebsiteTemplates
Snack ThisCreate Beautiful Presentations From Notion.100% FreeWebsiteCommunication
Notion RTLAdds preliminary support for Right-to-left (RTL) on Notion.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
Notion+ Mark ManagerManage your colored texts and comments efficiently in Notion.100% FreeWebsiteChrome Extensions
Note Taking TemplateA complete Note taking template by Stan Horodecki.Free OptionsWebsiteTemplates
Notion VideosVideo database of all notion videos published in youtube.comFree OptionsWebsiteResources
Notion Finance TrackerTemplate for keeping track of personal income and expenses.One Time PaymentWebsiteTemplates
WhalesyncSync data between Notion and all your no-code tools.Monthly SubscriptionWebsiteApps & PluginsIntegrations
Calendar Icons GeneratorGenerate an entire years worth of icons in a single click. Perfect for journal page icons.100% FreeWebsitePersonalizationApps & Plugins
OopyOopy provides you with a simple and easy way to turn your Notion page into a performant website.One Time PaymentWebsiteWebsite Building
Notion Workout TrackerPlan and track your workouts, all in one place.100% FreeWebsiteTemplates
Website Template PackA personal website template pack built with no code using Notion.Free OptionsWebsiteWebsite BuildingTemplates
Bardeen.aiSimillar to and intergomat but in easy for begginers. (can scrap data to notion)100% FreeWebsiteApps & PluginsIntegrations
Notion Freelancer PackManage your entire freelance business from one place with this template.Free OptionsWebsiteTemplates
TractWrite, send and grow your newsletter, all from Notion.Free OptionsWebsiteApps & Plugins
Notion Charts - VizydropEmbed charts & tables from CSV files, Google Sheets, and apps like Trello and Github.Free OptionsWebsitePersonalization
NotionwareT-shirts, mugs and goodies for Notion fans.One Time PaymentWebsiteOther
NiftymanGet Notion in your Mac's menubar.100% FreeWebsiteApps & Plugins
Notion FranceFrench Notion Templates & Resources.Free OptionsWebsiteResourcesTemplates
Smart PlannerA single-page template that shows your most important tasks automatically.100% FreeWebsiteTemplates
Onboarding OSFor SMBs to customize, organize and manage the end to end employee onboarding experience.One Time PaymentWebsiteTemplatesResources
Smart PortfolioShare your best work and achievements with this one-page interactive portfolio template.DonationsWebsiteTemplates
Notion Ecommerce Business KitManage entire e-commerce business from one place.Free OptionsWebsiteTemplates
NogginBuild dynamic courses that grow with your learners’ needs with Notion.Free OptionsWebsiteApps & PluginsWebsite Building
MDXCreate a Notion Blog in 2 minutes.Free OptionsWebsiteApps & PluginsWebsite Building

Checkout more templates & resources for Notion on AppSumo.


You can Notion for pretty much anything from CRM to Project management, Notes to websites etc. Hence we highly recommend you to get started with Notion for FREE.

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