Powerful No-code & Low-code platforms to build your business applications

No-Code & Low-Code Platform

A survey of IT leaders reveals that innovation is at risk as IT demands rise. However, IT leaders view business-led low-code/no-code application development as prudent and inevitable with the right protocols.

92% of IT leaders comfortable with business users using low-code tools.

No-code solutions are built to help those who might not have any technical skills to build app.

Whoever you’re techie or non-techie, you can use no-code tools to build applications very quickly without much technical knowledge.

In 2021, nearly half of businesses are using no-code and low-code platforms. Because no-code and low-code platforms allow anyone to create fully functional apps. The widespread dispersal of organizations that took place over the past year accelerated the low-code and no-code platforms.

let’s dive-in to the Low-code & No-Code era.

Differences Between No-code and Low- code Platforms

Low- code and no-code platforms often get used interchangeably, but there’s a slight difference between the two categories.

Low-code platforms, typically target users with some development experience, or developers needing to quickly build apps, databases, web services, or APIs.

No-code platforms take this abstraction a step further, the best part is there’s no coding involved , and you don’t have to understand programming languages to create custom and effective apps.

What is Low-code?

A low-code platform allows non-programmers to create applications with little to no programming knowledge, through prebuilt code snippets or blocks, with a drag and drop visual interface.

With low-code platforms, IT teams can develop applications faster and with fewer errors than traditional coding. And most low-code platforms also offer readymade applications that can be installed and customized based on user requirements.

What is No-code?

No-code allows you to create functional applications without using a single piece of code. No-code platforms are growing in popularity because they allow non-technical individuals to create apps and other tools.

The real benefit of no-code platforms is that application developers can quickly respond to business needs. Business process management no longer needs traditional programming experts to build apps or tools.

Why? Benefits of Low-Code and No-Code Platforms

Whether your team would benefit from a Low-Code or No-Code development platform, these systems provide plenty of benefits to your company.

Streamline Your Process

Modern technology has sped up the application development process and streamlined tasks that would otherwise be highly time-consuming. Using a Low-Code/No-Code platform, you can facilitate and accelerate the development process of Cloud scalable, enterprise-grade applications. 

Find Ready-to-Use Solutions 

Using a Low-Code or No-Code platform gives you access to a marketplace of applications and component libraries full of useful resources.

Reduce Development Costs 

Businesses can save money and time using a Low-Code or No-Code platform. Increase productivity in the workplace and gain control of your applications without expanding your allotted budget by integrating these platforms into your business.  

Meet Business Requirements 

Every business is unique and needs applications that can help them meet their requirements. The developers are so focused on the business’ needs, they understand both the business and the technical jargon of the platforms and are able to use Enterprise Low-Code technologies to create the perfect application. 

 Improve the Customer Experience 

Businesses are all about the customer experience. When businesses automate their processes, they’re able to be more productive and provide higher quality work that, in turn, improves the customer experience. By using the No code and Low code platforms business professionals can  match the needs of both their employees and customers alike. 

Popular low- and no-code tools


Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It’s a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code.


Glide turns spreadsheets into powerful apps for work, without writing any code. Pick a spreadsheet or start with a template, customize your app, then share it instantly with anyone.


Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use without writing code.


Webflow is another popular no-code website builder. Responsive web design. Top tier hosting. Free design tool.
Build custom blogs, portfolios, ecommerce stores, and more with a flexible CMS. Experience the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a 100% visual canvas. Code visually.


Salesforce has a long history of introducing platforms targeted exclusively to non-technical business users, and its low- and no-code solution offerings are no exception. The company’s Mobile Publisher enables developers to publish apps to the Apple and Google app stores.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps, the software giant’s primary low- and no-code development platform, is designed to help users build rich web and mobile applications. Microsoft’s goal with this tool is to make creating apps feel more like building a slide deck in PowerPoint. 


The Appian Low-code Automation Platform is designed to be cloud-aware, able to integrate with AI from AWS, Azure, and Google. Appian delivers real-time AI guidance within its process modeler, harnessing AI as a low-code development accelerator.

The solution also runs automated test cases.


The vendor has extended its reach beyond the data center with a Guided Application Creator for non-technical business users, intended to help them set up applications on the Now Platform.

ServiceNow’s IntegrationHub, intended to support prebuilt connectors to external systems, is a no-code integration environment. 

220+ list of Low-code & No-code platforms for entrepreneurs.

Here is the list of time-tested software used by entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

NameOne linerPlansLink
KonnectzITIntegrate apps and automate your workflows without writing any codeFree & PaidWebsite
NotionNotion Provides components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders.Free & PaidWebsite
SpreadSimpleCreate and manage websites using Google Sheets. SpreadSimple turns your spreadsheet into a styled website with a variety of customizable features.Free & PaidWebsite
VisualSitemapsAuto-Generate Visual Sitemaps and plan website SEO/ContentFree & PaidWebsite
TriggreCreate end-to-end business applicationsFree & PaidWebsite
WebflowBuild custom blogs, portfolios, ecommerce stores, and more with a flexible CMS.Free & PaidWebsite
AirtableCustomize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes.Free & PaidWebsite
BlobrCreate an API portalFree & PaidWebsite
BubbleBubble is the platform for creating digital products such as websites.Free & PaidWebsite
GlideTransform all of your Google Sheet pages in websites using Glide.Free & PaidWebsite
MyAliceIntegrate all messaging channels and automate/manage customer journeyFree & PaidWebsite
Malcolm!Build no-code user journeys and digital forms, route data into thousands of other apps and surface your journeys in multiple ways via widgets and embedsPaidWebsite
GyanaTrack metrics, discover insights and automate data workflowsFree & PaidWebsite
FangageOwn, engage & monetize your fanbaseFree & PaidWebsite
ActiondeskBI tools in a spreadsheet software: the no-code solution to build reports and dashboardsFree & PaidWebsite
SquarespaceSquarespace works with website building and hosting. Not only that you can build a website, but you can also host it on Squarespace.Free & PaidWebsite
Sheet2SiteCreate your own website using only Google Sheets. Build a website with images, text, filters and links only from your Google Sheets!PaidWebsite
Table2SiteHave an Airtable base? Convert it to a website only using your Airtable base's CMS.PaidWebsite
DorikFlexible & easy-to-use no-code website builder with 130+ UI Components and beautiful templates.Free & PaidWebsite
StripeStripe builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.Free (2.9% Per Transaction)Website
AppSheetReclaim your time and talent with no-code apps and automation.Free & PaidWebsite
GrowSurfEnable affiliate programmes in a few minutes, without writing code. This saves you time and enables you to turn your customers into promoters, sellers, etc.Free & PaidWebsite
MemberStackMemberstack helps you with membership integration directly into your website.Free & PaidWebsite
SubsStackSubstack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.FreeWebsite
StackerBuild custom software that empowers your partners, teammates and customers.Free & PaidWebsite
RetoolDrag and drop tables, forms, charts, and more to assemble your app quickly.Free & PaidWebsite
GumroadGumroad makes it easy for you to sell digital products, memberships and more.Free & PaidWebsite
TypeformBuild beautiful, interactive forms — get more responses. Templates for quizzes, research, feedback, lead generation, and more.Free & PaidWebsite
VoiceflowVoiceflow helps teams create great conversations from start to finish.Free & PaidWebsite
WeglotWeglot allows you to make your website multilingual in minutes and to manage all your translations effortlessly.Free & PaidWebsite
ShopifyShopify is a complete eCommerce platform that helps everyday people set up their own online store and sell products on multiple channels.Free & PaidWebsite
InternalBuild powerful internal tools in minutes instead of weeks with data from your databases, APIs, spreadsheets, and business apps.Free & PaidWebsite
PayhereGet paid safely and quickly. Payhere is one of the most known payment systems.Free (2% Per Transaction)Website
WixCreate a professional website with the Wix website builder. Choose a customizable designer-made template and add the features you need.Free & PaidWebsite
TildaCreate a website, online store, landing page with Tilda intuitive website builder.Free & PaidWebsite
AutomateAutomate.io connects all your cloud applications with amazing ease. Automate marketing, sales, payments or any business processes in minutes.Free & PaidWebsite
NinoxCreate reports and visualize data. Ninox handles a vast amount of data effortlessly.Free & PaidWebsite
SheetySheety turns your spreadsheet into a Restful JSON API, meaning you can get data in and out of your spreadsheet using simple HTTP requests and URLs.Free & PaidWebsite
MailerliteCreate advanced email marketing campaigns with features like automation, landing pages and surveys.Free & PaidWebsite
Obviously AIData predictingFree & PaidWebsite
SharetribeBuilding marketplacesFree & PaidWebsite
RowsSpreadsheetsFree & PaidWebsite
HashnodeBlogging and developingFree & PaidWebsite
BumpaBusiness managingFree & PaidWebsite
CarddBuilding one-page websitesFree & PaidWebsite
ZapierAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
If This Then That (ITTT)AutomationFree & PaidWebsite
CodaCreating documents/utilitiesFree & PaidWebsite
CalcappBuilding mobile apps from spreadsheetsFree & PaidWebsite
JotFormFormsFree & PaidWebsite
Survey ANyplaceSurveysFree & PaidWebsite
SharetribeWeb App buildingFree & PaidWebsite
XanoWeb App buildingFree & PaidWebsite
WeeblyWebsite buildingFree & PaidWebsite
Webydo.Website buildingFree & PaidWebsite
Google TrendsSEOFreeWebsite
SemrushSEOFree & PaidWebsite
TopvisorSEOFree & PaidWebsite
RavenSEOFree & PaidWebsite
AppypieWebsite buildingFree & PaidWebsite
NintexWebsite buildingFree & PaidWebsite
QuixyWebsite buildingFree & PaidWebsite
NinoxAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
SurverySparrowSurvery buildingFree & PaidWebsite
LandbotChatbotFree & PaidWebsite
FormstackAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
KnackNetwork buildingFree & PaidWebsite
airSlateAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
XPODAApp buildingFree & PaidWebsite
AccelQAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
StackerSoftware buildingFree & PaidWebsite
Job Board FireJobsFree & PaidWebsite
AppDragCloud developmentFree & PaidWebsite
AppratMobile app buildingFree & PaidWebsite
AutomateAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
AxiomChatbotFree & PaidWebsite
Buildbox3D Game buildingFree & PaidWebsite
CastupPodcast editorFree & PaidWebsite
CrispChatbotFree & PaidWebsite
DashblockAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
EasyCSVImport CSV into APIFree & PaidWebsite
GrapedropPage builderFree & PaidWebsite
Grid StudioWebsite buildingFree & PaidWebsite
AdaloApp buildingFree & PaidWebsite
JotFormForm buildingFree & PaidWebsite
MighyFormsForm buildingFree & PaidWebsite
mini App MakerAirtable -> Mobile appsFree & PaidWebsite
OtterVoice -> TextFree & PaidWebsite
YouengageCreate interactive experiences that convertFree & PaidWebsite
SiterWebsite buildingPaidWebsite
FlipletBuilding appsFree & PaidWebsite
KodikaBuilding iOS apps with drag and dropFree & PaidWebsite
Illustration KitFree illustrationsFreeWebsite
DronaHQBuilding internal toolsFree & PaidWebsite
NoCodeAPIBuilding microservicesFree & PaidWebsite
BreakoutAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
BlobrManaging Airtable contectFree & PaidWebsite
AxiomAutomationFree & PaidWebsite
KelpBuilding data appsFree & PaidWebsite
WebcatBuilding appsFree & PaidWebsite
InfinableBuilding web appsFree & PaidWebsite
DatricsAnalytics & data scienceFree & PaidWebsite
Involve.meBuilding widgetsFree & PaidWebsite
NativatorConverting websites native into mobile appsPaidWebsite
RepeatoAndroid UI testingFree & PaidWebsite
Betty BlocksBuilding appsFree & PaidWebsite
Coffe ChatsWebsite building + scheduling toolFree & PaidWebsite
OutgrowInteractive calculatorsFree & PaidWebsite
ShoutemBuilding native apps for iOS & AndroidFree & PaidWebsite
BondlayerBuilding websites and appsFree & PaidWebsite
AirboxrCreating and saving dataFree & PaidWebsite
PagehBuilding landing pages and websitesFree & PaidWebsite
TarsChatbotFree & PaidWebsite
T3MPLGeneric website editorFreeWebsite
GhostProfessional publishingFree & PaidWebsite
KlaviyoE-Commerce email servicesFree & PaidWebsite
MemberSpaceWebsite membershipsFree & PaidWebsite
IntegromatWorkflow connectionFree & PaidWebsite
TexAuConnect automations together, build powerful workflows, grab the data or generate leads in minutes.Free, PaidWebsite
Robomotion RPAAutomate repetitive and data-intensive manual tasks with easy-to-use RPA botsPaidWebsite
PagemakerGrow your customer base with mobile-first landing pages—no coding requiredPaidWebsite
WordPressBuild websites, CMS, Blogs, E-Commerce stores with themes & pluginsFree, PaidWebsite

No-code & low-code deals on AppSumo

There some interesting deals, courses & freebies on AppSumo for bringing up the business out of no-code tools.

  • KonnectzIT – No-code automation platform
  • Cheatlayer – No-code browser automation extentsion creator
  • AppSumo’s 75 No-Code Business Ideas Ebook
  • No Code MBA – Course
  • No Code MVP – Course
  • Command Codeless™: No-Code Fundamentals
  • And much more

Survey: Low-code and no-code platform usage increases

Low-code and no-code (LCNC) platforms offer the promise of solving business problems and expediting digital transformation initiatives.

Most respondents are using LCNC to automate workflows , create new applications , speed up development time and automate data collection and reporting . Another of respondents implement the platforms to reduce the burden on developers and to connect and create inter-departmental applications, workflows and business processes.

The survey revealed that the ability to utilize LCNC to provide business solutions provides many benefits to organizations.

Q: Do low-code or no-code solutions offer new ways for IT professionals to work as well?

“Of course, low code isn’t just about enabling non-tech users to create custom applications. It’s also proven to increase developer productivity.”

“I’d strongly encourage developers to embrace the low-code movement and train themselves on the more robust platforms to expand their skill sets and integrate low code seamlessly with their work. Low code or No code solutions lets them offload much of the busy work to drag-and-drop, freeing up their time to focus on innovation.”  

Low-code and No-code platforms approaches have been ideal for startups that need to quickly get apps to market. Here we’re going to look what are low-code and no-code Platforms for business?


Looking back at 2020, adaptation to new technology played a big part in many businesses’ success. Many of those who adapted to the game’s new rules and embraced digitalization thrived. 

In the future, no-code/low-code tools will likely become widespread in the application development industry and change the whole tech market. I think non-technical employees will have the ability to bring their ideas to life.

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