Build business out of Google Sheets applications

Millions of us use spreadsheets almost every single day. There’s no other software tool that’s quite so versatile. Google Sheets, through being cloud-based and its powerful App Scripts , has further extended what’s possible.

Do you know you can build websites, send email marketing campaigns, create stunning reports, digital automations, send WhatsApp messages and much more than just doing calculations?

Here are the few effective ways for it.

  • Create websites
  • Send emails
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Integrations
  • Generate certificates
  • Social Proof applications
  • Data import / export

Create effective websites

You can literally create simple websites in minutes by using Google Sheets and a tool called SpreadSimple. This removes the necessity of hosting server because your data is stored in your own Google drive.You can create the following type of websites easily with SpreadSimple

  • E-Commerce (Grocery, Merchandise store, Books etc.)
  • Directory listing
  • Real-estate portals
  • Portfolio / gallery websites
  • Food delivery with WhatsApp
  • Tourist Guide
  • Cafe
  • Affiliate Program
  • Online Courses

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Send Email campaigns

Email marketing software looks expensive especially when you’re getting started and the free services show up their branding everywhere, so what is the solution?
What if I tell you can do it with your own Google Sheets in your own way that is by using SendSimple.

This method is very simple and effective especially when getting started.

This is even good for Cold email marketing.

How it works

  • Install the SendSimple Chrome extension
  • Connect to SMTP (Ex: Amazon AWS free tier)
  • Input the information of the email list
  • Then send / schedule emails.

SendSimple is available for one-time fee to use it for lifetime.

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Connect with any application on the internet

Today, lot of cloud applications integrate with Google Sheets to exchange data and automate the manual tasks. Google sheets act as intermediate software for most of the SaaS applications now.

Google Sheets even integrate with WordPress plugins to display the data in the website.

KonnectzIT integrates with Google Sheets to connect it to 750+ software applications online.

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Generate Certificates

Lot of course creator / training institutes use Google Sheets along with Google Slides to generate and deliver student course completion / participation / pass certifications without much effort and cost.

Sertifier is one of such tool which helps you to generate unlimited certificates easily.

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Generate stunning browser dashboards & reports

Few software go ahead in regular reports and lets you build dashboards, apps, and forms using real-time data from Google Sheets.

Chartmat provides a powerful, mobile-friendly, and responsive frontend to Google Sheets that lets you build boards using different block types, including charts, tables, forms and grids.

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Send Social proof notifications on your website

Social proof notifications is one of the most underrated marketing tactic to create trust and encourage lead stuff to buy more from your website.

There are tools like Provenly, which pickup the details from the Google Sheets and show up as notification on your website like “Modi from India bought our product few minutes ago”.

Get Provenly and improve your website conversions.

Data import and export made easy

As we are talking about stunning reports and dashboards out of Google Sheets data, the loading / entering information manually takes lot of effort and it is time consuming.

Here we have few add-ons like Logic Sheet , APIpheny to import the data on regular basis automatically.

You can even send out the Google Sheet data to combine it with other sources for more reports by using UseSQL.

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Are you seeing any other use-case with Google Sheets, share it here in the comments.

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