Appsumo Plus Last Call – Exclusive event for 96 hours only

Appsumo Last call

AppSumo Last call for Briefcase & Plus customers is LIVE.

AppSumo is planned to bring popular Lifetime Deals on to the platform exclusively for AppSumo Plus / Briefcase users.
This campaign is only for 96 hours.

Appsumo is a site which collates all the best deals you needed.

What do you think? And here are the deals what are you getting from Appsumo last call.

Sitejet (Recommended)

Sitejet is a high-performance operating system that helps web designers create, edit, and manage incredible websites. Sitejet enables your team to deliver high-quality web design services profitably and at scale.


  • Build high-quality professional websites using an end-to-end platform with built-in project management and client communication
  • Alternative to: Webflow, Wix, and WordPress
  • Maximize creative design time with automation, shortcuts, and templates
  • Best for: Web designers and agencies who want to create professional sites at scale and easily manage projects and clients


SyncSpider is an app-to-app connection tool that helps e-commerce businesses automate sales, marketing, and fulfillment. It helps manage stock in a centralized place, connect with eCommerce tools to sync data, create improved buying experience for customers.


  • Instantly become a multichannel retailer by syncing your webshops, marketplaces, and ERP to grow sales
  • Alternative to: and Integromat
  • Connect your e-commerce tools for flawless delivery and fewer refunds, plus get a full view of inventory across all your channel
  • Best for: Retailers and e-commerce agencies that want to link multiple online shop tools and consolidate their processes


Spoke helps you record, transcribe, summarize, edit, and share your video conversations on any platform so you can up your video game.


  • Record any video conference or meeting and share the video across platforms
  • Alternative to:
  • Transcribe video conversations with near-perfect accuracy of over 90%
  • Best for: Remote teams who want to collaborate more effectively and marketing pros who want to do more with video


AppMySite is an AI-powered mobile app builder that lets you create high-quality, customizable apps without writing a single line of code. App My Site is the best platform for businesses who own a WooCommerce store and are looking for affordable solutions to turn their websites into app.


  • Quickly convert your WordPress and WooCommerce website into an app
  • Alternative to:
  • Completely customize your app design, content, and layout in record time
  • Best for: Website owners and e-commerce stores that want high-quality mobile apps for their WordPress and WooCommerce sites


ContentBot is a personal AI writing assistant equipped with 25+ highly tuned tools that lets you generate blog posts, ad copy, email campaigns, and more in seconds.


  • Generate unique and relevant blog topic ideas and intros by inputting basic information
  • Alternative to:
  • Create compelling marketing copy and engaging sales emails with just a few clicks
  • Best for: Copywriters, bloggers, and marketers who want to speed up their content creation with the power of an AI assistant

Waybook (Recommended)

Waybook is a powerful tool to turn your documents, processes, and know-how into effective and organized onboarding, training, and reference materials. Waybook is your ever-improving business manual. Supercharging efficiency and getting everyone where they need to be faster.


  • Collect and store all your business process documentation and onboarding materials in one place
  • Alternative to: Trainual
  • Use simple quizzes and complex tests to certify knowledge for team members
  • Best for: Managers and entrepreneurs who want to effectively scale their teams and adapt to new ways of working remotely

Run The World (Recommended)

Run The World is the one-stop-shop to host virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain. Host various events from networking happy hours to multi-track conferences, covering ticketing, payment, recordings, and more.


  • Host various events from networking happy hours to multi-track conferences, covering ticketing, payment, recordings, and more
  • Alternative to: Zoom
  • Connect attendees with 1:1 speed networking, small group discussions, live Q&As, and a Groupfie photo booth
  • Best for: Marketers, community leaders, and event organizers committed to hosting events that attendees will want to show up for


Internxt is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on complete privacy and uncompromising security.


  • Securely store and share documents and pictures in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption
  • Alternative to: Tresorit and Sync
  • Access your information from anywhere, on any device
  • Best for: Photographers, finance teams, and solopreneurs who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive information

Squirrly SEO (Recommended)

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization. Squirrly is the Popular Tool that NON-SEO Experts use to increase their search engine traffic.


  • Get customized to-dos from an AI SEO consultant for better rankings, plus step-by-step guidance on implementation
  • Alternative to: Yoast
  • Use one tool for keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and more
  • Best for: Business owners, content creators, and agencies looking to access clear guidelines for improving their SEO


Squirrly offers the Complete SEO Funnel and it offers Cloud Services + WordPress Plugin, meaning that Squirrly SEO will work both for optimizing either WordPress-based websites and non-WordPress websites.


Keyword research feature Squirrly SEO offered is pretty basic and need a bit of upgrading.

Uppbeat (Recommended)

Uppbeat is a music platform and library for creators, offering the guarantee of no YouTube copyright issues or demonetization of content.


  • Access a brand-new music platform for YouTube and social creators offering incredible music and zero copyright claims
  • Alternative to: Epidemic Sound
  • Download unlimited tracks from a highly-curated catalog of real artists and beatmakers from around the world
  • Best for: YouTubers, social creators, podcasters, and small businesses looking for music that levels up their content

What are you buying? Buy only if you need.
Do not forget to use Briefcase to save more on AppSumo purchases.

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