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What is SimpleX?

Simplex is a communications mode in which only one signal is transmitted, and it always goes in the same direction. The transmitter and the receiver operate on the same frequency. When two stations exist and they alternately (not simultaneously) send signals to each other on the same frequency, the mode is technically known as half duplex. However, most amateur radio operators refer to half duplex as simplex.


  • Simplex, half duplex and full duplex are three kinds of communication channels in telecommunications and computer networking.
  • These communication channels provide pathways to convey information.
  • A communication channel can be either a physical transmission medium or a logical connection over a multiplexed medium.
  • The physical transmission medium refers to the material substance that can propagate energy waves, such as wires in data communication.
  • And the logical connection usually refers to the circuit switched connection or packet-mode virtual circuit connection, such as a radio channel.
  • Thanks to the help of communication channels, information can be transmitted without obstruction.
  • A brief introduction about three communication channel types will be given in this article.

Three Types of Communication Channel

1) Simplex

A simplex communication channel only sends information in one direction. For example, a radio station usually sends signals to the audience but never receives signals from them, thus a radio station is a simplex channel. It is also common to use simplex channel in fiber optic communication.

2) Half duplex

In half duplex mode, data can be transmitted in both directions on a signal carrier except not at the same time. At a certain point, it is actually a simplex channel whose transmission direction can be switched. Walkie-talkie is a typical half duplex device. It has a “push-to-talk” button which can be used to turn on the transmitter but turn off the receiver.

3) Full duplex

A full duplex communication channel is able to transmit data in both directions on a signal carrier at the same time. It is constructed as a pair of simplex links that allows bidirectional simultaneous transmission.


  • Import, analyze, and search your text data quickly across 50 languages
  • Skip complicated code with a user-friendly AI that creates tags, categorizes answers into topics, and generates reports


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
  • Import Excel and CSV files
  • Export Excel, PDF, and PNG files
  • Keyword automatic extraction with keyword search (including plural and conjugated forms)
  • Content suggestions based on semantic similarity
  • Full-text search with multiple filters and semantic search
  • Charts: word clouds, treemaps, and bar charts
  • Personal tags
  • Assisted split of lengthy answers
  • AI-powered topic suggestion and AI-assisted automatic distribution across topics
  • 50 supported languages
  • Zapier integration (Beta)

Alternative to

  • Caplena
  • Chattermill
  • Google Docs

Best for

  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies


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